Exercise is important for everyone, even if you are a senior citizen. But if you are going to give excuses like, “Oh, the gym is too far,” or “Biking it is too inconvenient,” then no sir, I will not have it. Why? Because now we have the best exercise bike for seniors available almost anywhere and in various price ranges!

While we do not have a senior citizen’s body structure yet, but we tried our best to find the most authentic products and talked to several seniors before we finalized our list.

And we found that these bikes were really helpful in relieving joint pains and improving heart condition. We know that we enjoy these bikes a lot, but we are certain that you will too.

Top 5 Best Exercise Bike for Seniors Comparison in 2021

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    • Weight: 19 lbs
    • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
    • Warranty: LIFETIME
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  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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No products found.
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Mat Size: 8 x 4 ft
  • Warranty: LIFETIME
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The 10 Best Exercise Bike for Seniors Reviews

There is a lot to know about these bikes, so do not just stand there. Hop in and get to know why we think these ten are absolutely worth the money.

1. Original As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

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After the hassle of having to go to the gym regularly, an elderly person might face another trouble. That is getting on and off the bike. The upright position might be troublesome, and I understand that. Hence, my very first recommendation is this Slim Cycle.

It has a unique recumbent position which lets the users be in a more comfortable position while still being able to bike and work on individual body parts. However, the versatile aspect is how this bike can turn upright and offer intense cardio training as well.

On top of that, it has bands as well if people wanted to work on their arm muscles. Of course, you can always adjust the resistance whether you are in a relaxed position or in an upright position. The levels peak at 8, and you can build up the strength gradually.

There is also a very useful digital display where you can monitor stuff like heart rate, how many miles you can go, and how many calories you have burned. All of this happens in real-time as well!

If you are unsure about what sets to perform, it even comes with ten predesigned programs! Finally, this a relatively small portable exercise bike for the elderly that can be folded whenever you are done with exercising.


Offers 2-in-1 position

Digital display for monitoring

Stretchable bands for arm training

Adjustable tension

Comes with different programs


Screws while folding might come loose

Might be small for taller people

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2. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

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The purpose of these products is to provide comfort while you are trying to exercise. Often, our legs slip off the pedal, or the seats feel slippery, which can cause major accidents for senior citizens. However, the Lanos model has something special for the seniors.

It comes with special quality seating and pedals. The seat is properly cushioned, which will accommodate your hips properly while also providing back support. And we all know that back problems are one of the most common troubles faced by an elderly person. Moreover, the pedals have a rubbery surface that will help in fast motions.

Thus, users can do high-speed cardio without fearing slips when riding the best comfort bike for seniors. Interestingly, this model comes with ten levels of intensity, and you can increase them as you get accustomed to the previous tension. But, it is a magnetic system which is works with a smooth fly-wheel.

As a result, it makes minimal noise, and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows while exercising! Moreover, it does come with two different positions, and you can interchange between them whenever you need. The laid-back position will allow you to train your legs and offer an overall calorie burn.

On the other hand, the upright position is suitable for more intense cardio. Besides that, it comes with a large LCD monitor where you can track your progress. Any user with a height range of 4.8 to 6 ft can ride this bike.


Foldable bike with two positions

10 magnetic intensity level

Comes with LCD screen, and phone holder

Supports a max weight of 330 lbs

Silent biking


Pulse sensor might have issues

Instalment can be tricky

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3. Pooboo Folding Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

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If you are all in with the exercise regime and have fixed goals, then you need a bike that can keep up with you! In that case, we found Pooboo to be an excellent product. It is a simple and no hassle-needed bike that will help you meet your goals.

Firstly, it has an upright seating mode. So, no more slacking while exercising. Moreover, it comes with eight adjustable tensions to let you build up the force gradually. However, the product does accommodate senior citizens by providing an extra-large seat.

Hence, you will have a comfortable time biking even in the upright position. Additionally, the all-inclusion wheel is perfectly balanced with magnetic resistance and will not wobble. Hence, the chances of falling or slipping are very low. Another added bonus of this wheel is the silent biking!

Moreover, you can now also train your arms with dumbbells and stretchable armbands. Thus, you can get a full-body workout with one tool. An HD LCD will also let users see how they are doing physically during their run time and adjust the setting accordingly.

Maintaining the product is just as easy as storing it because it has travel wheels. So, you can change its location from room to room quite easily. Plus, it folds in half, minimizing its size in half!


Offers full body intense workout

Adjustable resistance system

Magnetic fly-wheel make the bike less wobbly

Comes with an HD LCD monitor

Easy to maintain


Does not have a recumbent position

Might be expensive 

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4. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

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Some seniors might have a legitimate fear of falling from their bikes, and I understand that. Hence, I went deep undercover to find a bike that offers maximum stability. In my experience, this YOSUDA made me feel the most secure.

It is a stationary bike that has wide bars at the bottom with silicone linings. So it will not move from its place no matter how fast your riding or how much you weigh. Moreover, to prevent your leg from slipping from the paddle, it also sports a unique paddle cage.

The cage is basically an open slot when you put your feet, and it will be surrounded like a shoe. So, elders will have every bit of security with this model. Besides that, it is also versatile as you get adjustable resistance and seat levels.

Also, you will not have to get bored while riding because this baby comes with a bracket where you place any device and watch stuff. Plus, it comes with an LCD as well. In that you can count your calorie, it has an odometer, it also tracks speed and distance.

Another small improvement that will let you enjoy shows while exercising is the brake pad. It comprises pure wool, which ensures that the bike wheel makes limited noise. Plus, you get replacement wool in the package!


Stationary bike with small transport wheels

Offers pedal cage for protection

Comes with a bracket and bottle holder

Tracks progress through LCD

Superior brake system


A bit heavy

Bit bulky

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5. MaxKare Exercise Bike Stationary Bike

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In case you want a sleek-looking bike that is easy to use plus has lots of features, then certainly check out this 3-in-one model by MaxKare. If you are wondering how it functions as three products, then read ahead.

First of all, it can turn into a recumbent position if you are a senior. But if you want a more strenuous routine, then feel free to set up the seat. However, what is unique about this model is its semi-recumbent position which is not very common for most bikes.

Moreover, it comes with a wide seat with soft cushions so that elders can comfortably sit while riding upright. Besides the seat, there is also a handle that you can hold onto for extra support. There are also stretch ropes if you wish to train arm muscles.

Furthermore, it is especially suitable for a home workout setting because of its sleek and foldable nature. It barely takes up space while having a max weight capacity of 265 lbs. So, overall, any senior will have a safe time while using and maintaining the bike.

For a regular routine, the bike offers eight different resistant intensities and has a monitor where people can see their progress. If, after a while, you think you have outgrown the position, then you can even change the height of the seat.


Sleek and compact design

3-in-1 positions

Noiseless bike with LCD screen

Comfortable seat

Helps with arm exercise as well


Pedal might slip

Not suitable for tall people

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6. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

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You are lucky if you have not tried to get on a bike and realized it could not take your weight. Well, to save everyone from such embarrassment, we recommend using the Exerpeutic model.

It has the incredible strength of being able to work with 400 lbs capacity. That is partly because of the 20% steel in its construction that makes the device quite heavy-duty. Moreover, the product provides large seating cushions as well to help users get a comfortable grip.

However, judging its weight capacity do not think that it will be a bulky product. In fact, you can fully fold it in half and keep it in a compact space. And to help you move it from one place to another, it even comes with small wheels.

Now let us talk about it performance exercise-wise. It has a unique 3-piece cranking system, which gives it higher torque. So, senior citizens who are looking for a more rigorous routine will like this tool more. Additionally, you can adjust the resistance based on your demand as well.

Perhaps the fanciest thing about this model is its stunning gold exterior. It is just a coating, but we all love to feel a little expensive. Finally, you can track all your progress using the heart pulse sensors on its LCD.


20% more steel makes the bike stable

High weight capacity

Golden exterior and has a bottle holder

3-piece cranking system for more torque

Unique heart pulse sensor


Has only one position

Foot straps are not secure

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7. ATIVAFIT Stationary Exercise Bike

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We have all fantasized about exercising in comfort. And while, in theory, that concept is hilarious, you can actually exercise without over-exerting yourself! Seniors, are you excited? I bet you are.

This ATIVAFIT bike has a special high back-rest along with a very comfortable seat. So, you can lean back while biking if you feel very weary, whether it is in the recumbent position or the upright.

That is a big plus point for seniors who cannot bike at a stretch. With the seat, now you can rest and not have to come down from the bike again and again.

Besides that, the overall design feels very secure with its stable footing and paddles with foot-straps. The paddles even have small ridges to improve the grip. So, seniors will not have to fear falling down despite the height of the product.

As for the performance, it has facilities for both arm and leg workouts. You can build up the magnetic resistance up to 8 points and stretch wider to build more strength.

Plus, you can entertain yourself by placing any device in the bracket that can play a show or music. Taking care of the bike is also pretty easy. All you have to do is fold it and store it in a cupboard. 


Has a high back-rest and large seat

Very stable bike

Suitable for tall people

Has small wheels and a foldable system

Allows both arm and leg workout


Limited weight capacity

Tall users might face issues with inseams

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8. Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

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Let us go back to the classics with this Marcy bike. If you do not want too many complicated functions and just want to ride a good’ol bike, then definitely pick this model up.

It has the classic stationary bike design with upright seating and fly-wheel pedals. So, it will not be complicated for seniors at all to get the hang of this bike. However, the posture is designed for some heavy-duty workout, and users can work on their glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Hence, overall leg toning is possible with this model. Of course, there is be resistance setting, and if you wanted to start with light tension, then you can. It goes up to 8 points, by which users can expect substantial pulling.

The bike might have a very simple design, but it still offers a full-functioning LCD with all the variables you need. So, you can check the speed, time, distance, and also check how many calories you have burned in one sitting.

Besides that, the bike is also exceptionally well made. It has a 14-gauge steel element that will help it stay stable while you ride, and it has rubber footing that restricts floor scratches. And, when you are done, simply fold it and store it in a convenient place.


Simple interface and design

Adjustable seat height and resistance

Will not scratch the floor

LCD monitor for tracking

14-gauge high-quality steel frame


Has only one position

Seat might be a bit uncomfortable

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9. ADVENOR Exercise Bike Magnetic Bike

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If our other recommendations were not calling your name and you needed another option with a large back-rest, then we have a model from ADVENOR. It is perfect for senior citizens who want to exercise but does not want to drain themselves.

The back-rest comes with a large PU leather seat as well. So, you can ride as much as you want, the leather will not wear off. Moreover, there are support handles with the seat as well. It is always a great addition to stationary bikes to help users be more stable on them.

Besides that, the product is very well made, and it would not wobble regardless of the support handles. It has steel throughout its framework, and consequently, it can easily handle 300 lbs weight capacity. Another thing to note is the bikes striking white color. You cannot miss that in a room!

Aside from offering eight different resistance that you can switch between, the bike also has armbands. And with the pulse sensors that monitor the heart rate, you can easily decide when to use the armbands and bike. The LCD will showcase all the numbers, and you can track them.

The convenient feature is how easily you can install all the parts, including the bands and the monitor. And storing it away after you are done is just as effortless. The small wheels will even help with moving the folded bike.


A complete white exterior

Large back-rest with seat and support

300 lbs weight capacity

Large LCD

Has 8 modes of resistance


Seat can be very hard

Upright position might be a strain for some users

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10. XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

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Our last recommendation is for those people who absolutely despise nuisance. So, if you are a senior who loves the calm, quiet, and serenity but also wants to dabble with healthy exercise, then this XTERRA bike will be right up your alley.

This bike has accurately made fly-wheels with precise 3.3 lbs. Thus, it can function smoothly without wobbling too much in its compartment and making minimal noise. As a result, you can watch any show, listen to any music, or just enjoy the quiet nature.

Besides that, the bike itself is well-made and can take 225 lbs. However, the height limit is a bit redistricted. Despite that, it does have an adjustable seat, so you can change the height according to your preference. Like most bikes, this one also lets you try different resistance, and you can go up to 8 points.

As for the seat, it is quite large and has an extra cushion to support you. The paddle also comes with straps to give a better grip. It is also a three-piece crank and solid steel tubes, so the pedal and the frame should last for quite some time.

It does sport a very simple design with silver framing and a blue body, but the model is not old-school. You will get a 2X1 inch display where all your progress will be displayed in real-time.


Enjoy silent biking

Sturdy and durable construction

Adjustable seat-height and resistance

Very easy to use

Has a foldable design


People over 6 ft cannot use this model

Only offers one position

No products found.

What to Look for Before Buying The Best Exercise Bike for Seniors?

There is a lot to unpack here, so seniors reading, find a comfortable chair, and bring a teacup if you have to.


The position change is perhaps the number one factor when it comes to bikes for older adults. Remember that no matter what regime you are going for, you first have to let your body be comfortable with the exercise. Hence, if you are a complete beginner, going with bikes that sport a recumbent position will be the wisest.

On the other hand, if you have an extra bit of cash to spend, then bikes that offer both upright and recumbent positions will be the most versatile.

Variable Resistance

This bit is important for any exercise routine as the routine is supposed to get harder progressively. So, you need a bike that lets you change the resistance bit by bit. Usually, the resistance level goes from 0-8, but there are bikes that go all the way up to 10.

Seat and Pedal

Focusing on this feature will be a splurge, but it will be worth it. Since the session can go from 15 minutes to even an hour, it is a must that you get a comfy seat. Look for large seats with an extra cushion if you want to indulge. A superb addition would be a wide back-rest, so you can rest on the bike whenever you want.

Next comes the paddle, and users need to be secure while riding. Nobody wants to slip and slide, so go for strapped paddles.


These bikes need to be sturdy enough to carry 300 lbs or more, but being lightweight is also important. Otherwise, when you try to move, it will be a massive chore. On that note, bikes for seniors often have folding options with wheels. So, definitely keep an eye on that if you want to save space.


This is another feature you can take or leave. Most bikes are generally noiseless, but the crank and fly-wheel might make a gentle sound. However, if you do not want that either, look for bikes with magnetic resistance fly-wheel and a soundproofing system. That way, you can listen to music without plugging earphones on.


You do not want to be riding a bike blindly and not have an estimate about how many calories you burned or the distance you traveled. Hence, a display is very important. It does not always have to be a wide and expensive display.

Humble LCDs will do the job perfectly fine. However, if you do want to spend, check out the accurate heart pulse sensors.

Device Connectivity

This is absolutely an optional feature, but it will be very entertaining. Device connectivity can let you play music and show it on the bike monitor, but that means your bike needs to have a proper monitor.


There are different other features that seniors should look for in such devices. The top one being a stretch band. A flexible resistance band can be incorporated into your daily routine, and that way, you can work on muscle buildup. However, if you want to perform simple arm movements, then a support handle is needed.

Besides that, small additions like a bracket to hold your phone and a bottle holder are always a plus point.

Exercise Bike Workout Programs for Seniors

There are tons of exercise routines to try out, but to get you started, we gathered a few basic programs. But, if these are not what you think will suit your body, then certainly feel free to look for more relaxed or more intense regimes.

All Levels

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level biker, this routine will cover all the bases and give you a holistic result in under an hour. This routine has three levels, including the warm-up stage, where you should bike for 2-3 minutes following a moderate pace. You need to continue this for 10 minutes.

Then the routine moves to the main portion, where you will start off with a 3-minute moderate pace and aim for a medium exertion level. The exertion level is usually known as RPE.

Then set a high resistance and bike at a speedier pace for 2 minutes, followed by a medium resistance level for 1 minute. Finally, cool down using a low resistance and bike for 10 minutes.

The Recumbent Position

This is a workout for people who like riding the recumbent position, and it will take you about 15 minutes. So start off at level number 1 on the dial and bike at the slowest pace. Gradually keep increasing the resistance by one point, but you need to incorporate some arm movements.

This is when you can use the armbands or the handle supports beside your seats. By the 5 minute mark, you should be cranking the resistance up to 4-5 points while doing short posture exercises for 30 seconds in between.

Hold this range for a minute and power through. For the sake of interval training, you can decrease the resistance by 2 points now and keep biking. This is also the perfect time to start on some shoulder exercise.

Spread your arms on both sides and bring them up and down as if you are lifting some weight. This will help seniors with shoulder pain.

Now continue doing this set and keep adjusting the resistance according to your body limit. Mix some arm movements in-between to work your whole body.

But as for all programs, what you need to remember is to listen to your body and then move ahead. Do not blindly follow any program and try to meet all of its goals. Baby steps are the key to having a healthy exercise routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a stationary bike good exercise for seniors?

Definitely, these stay-at-home bikes are excellent exercise tools for seniors. It removes the hassle of heading out everyday and fixing schedules at a foreign place. With these devices, people can be as flexible as they want, staying in the comfort of their houses.

Moreover, stationary bikes have several comfortable positions, which can be very helpful for seniors.

What is the best way for seniors to build muscle?

To build muscles, seniors need to look out for cardio training. That is one of the best ways they can build and also sustain muscles without draining too much energy. For cardio, yoga, walking, and resistance training can be amazing training routines.

They do not necessarily have to buy exercise devices, but machines like an exercise bike or a treadmill do help a lot with home exercises.

What is the most comfortable bike for seniors?

Most seniors might have issues with cycles that have high seating. Hence, a recumbent position with large seats like the Slim Cycle Stationary Bike (our first recommendation) can be a great choice. Besides that, if users wanted armbands and support and a large seat, they can also go for products like the MaxKare Exercise Bike.

Is bike riding good for seniors?

Yes, this activity can engage the core and help seniors avoid chronic diseases. Plus, it also removes monotony from daily life.

What kind of exercise bike is good for seniors?

Bikes that have multiple position systems will let seniors switch between different styles and allow them to try out different routines. Besides that, sturdy bikes with proper footing that minimize slipping chances and reduce wobbliness are a must for elders.

Can an exercise bike cause back pain?

Riding a bike on a regular basis should not cause any sort of pain. It is, in fact, designed to elevate pain overtime. However, if seniors are not aware of appropriate positions and stances, then they might exert pressure on the wrong areas.

Moreover, trying to strictly follow fitness programs by disregarding what the body is saying can also cause pain in unwanted areas.

Can seniors lose fat by riding an exercise bike?

Yes, they can reduce fat buildup through biking. However, the program needs to be intense, and they will have to ride with high resistance. So, the wisest course would be to build strength first and then go for fat loss.

Is it ok for seniors to ride an exercise bike every day?

Light cycling for seniors can be an excellent daily activity, provided that they are following the right program.

What is the best stationary exercise bike for seniors?

A product that is very stable and offers comfort and efficiencies like the Lanos Folding Exercise Bike or the Slim Cycle Stationary Bike are some of the best ones for seniors.

Final Verdict

Whoo! Bet that was a lot of mental exercises trying to figure out which one is the best stationary bike for seniors. We had a hard time too while trying to pick from all these amazing products, but the clear favorite is the Slim Cycle Stationary Bike and the Lanos Folding bike after trying out so many.

They all the features that any seniors would need from such a device, plus the second model is also budget-friendly.

However, the Exerpeutic Gold bike is also a unique model with its unconventional outlook and sturdy steel frame. But regardless of what you choose, we wish you excellent health, and may you always have the strength to get on that bike and ride on!

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