Treadmills are hugely popular machines, especially for people looking to get in some exercise from the comfort of their own home. Treadmills can offer different resistance levels and workout intensities. They are easy to use and as such, they are an important consideration if you are looking for a home workout machine!

When it comes to choosing the perfect treadmill, it is vital that you consider reviews of existing products. Indeed, there are a huge number of different treadmills available, and deciding between these can be incredibly difficult.

Luckily, our Bowflex BXT216 treadmill review will help you understand the pros and cons of this particular model. This will allow you to decide on whether the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is the right model for you!

Who is This Model For?

  • People who are looking for an easy to use workout from home machine
  • People who enjoy walking and running for exercise
  • Users of a wide range of weights; the model can support up to 400 lbs

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Bowflex bxt216 Review | Important Features:

High Horsepower Motor

Some models of treadmills can have a motor which doesn’t quite deliver the amount of power you require. However, this isn’t the case for the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill! Built with a 4.0CHP belt motor, this model surpasses the industry average of 3.0CHP by over 30 percent!

This will help to ensure that the treadmill offers a smooth and seamless experience during use, regardless of the intensity of the workout session (or the weight of the user).

Bowflex bxt216 Review

High Weight Capacity

The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is ideal for all users, irrelevant of weight. A common criticism of treadmills is that of a low weight capacity or poor performance with heavier users.

However, this is not an issue faced with this model. The higher than normal horsepower motor guarantees a good experience for all users. This helps to prevent the risks of non-seamless use by heavier users. Furthermore, the treadmill can support up to 400 lbs of weight.

Regardless of whether you are carrying a few more pounds than you would like, or if you are already well toned and muscled, this treadmill will almost certainly be suitable for your needs!

Built in Workout Plans

A key benefit of the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill model is that of the built in workout plans that it comes with. Workout plans help to ensure that your experience with the model will be enjoyable and effective.

This model has eleven different workout plans to choose from. These plans are tailored for different goals, be it weight loss or speed performance, just to name a few. The workouts can even help with heart rate training! This makes the model an excellent potential choice, no matter your overall goals!

Bowflex bxt216 treadmill Review

Real Time Calorie Tracking!

Let’s face it—the vast majority of treadmill users are looking to burn calories. Therefore, being able to get a good idea of the number of calories that you burn is essential. Fortunately, the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill can help with this goal.

The burn rate console allows users to see how many calories they have burned, approximately, as they work out. This is a hugely helpful feature for people looking to trim up and lose weight!

Folding Design

Your home workout machines need to be easy to use and move about. Invariably, most of us don’t have space in our homes to keep our exercise equipment out when not in use. Furthermore, sometimes you may wish to move the machine so that you can enjoy a great workout in another room!

Fortunately, the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill allows for this due to its innovative folding design, which makes movement and storage of the treadmill quick and easy!

Bowflex bxt216 Review

Long Warranty

Some treadmills don’t offer a hugely long warranty, but this isn’t the case for the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill. Indeed, the frame and drive for this model comes with an incredibly 15 years warranty. A further 5 years are available for the motor and mechanical parts.

Finally, parts, electronics and labor are covered by a 2 year warranty. This clearly shows the quality of the treadmill, for the manufacturers to be confident about offering such a long warranty.

Size and Model

The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is a popular choice of treadmill for many people. It has the capacity to carry weights of up to 400 lbs, which is exceptionally generous for most treadmills. Furthermore, this model offers a high horsepower of 4.0CHP.

This therefore means that it will offer a seamless and smooth experience for all users, irrelevant of workout intensity or weight. The treadmill offers a running area of 22” by 60”, and measures at 84.5” by 38.5” by 54.7”. It also has the ability to fold up, making it easy to move and store!

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Folding design ensures that the model is easy to store and move

4.0 horsepower motor is thirty percent higher than most models

Generous incline range of between 0% and 15%, based on personal preferences

Generous weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, which is higher than most models

Fair-sized 22” by 60” running area

11 in built workout plans which are tailored for different goals

Burn rate console which shows real time calorie burn estimates

Heart rate monitoring function which offers “hospital accurate” monitoring

Full color display for easy viewing and use

Generous amounts of warranty available for the model

Wide design makes it suitable for the vast majority of users


Belt adjustment can sometimes be difficult

Machine may seem a little bulky for some users, due to its wide design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill Home Gym Versatile?

Yes! With 11 different workout plans, this machine can offer plenty of different options. These workout plans are tailored for different workout goals.

Can I play my own entertainment with this model?

Yes! The Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill has bluetooth sync features and a device holder, complete with a charger. This will allow you to use your devices while working out!

Does the Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill fold up?

Yes, this model features a folding design.

How do I move the Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill?

The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill features a folding design, which makes moving and storing the model incredibly easy!

Is the Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill any good?

Though the answer to this question is subjective, we are confident that the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is suitable for most people. The generous weight limit of 400 lbs makes it suitable for the majority of users.

In addition to this, the model has a powerful 4HP motor which makes use seamless and pleasant for all users. Finally, the folding design allows for easy use and storage.

In Conclusion

The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill offers a huge number of features, as far as treadmills go. This makes it an incredibly popular treadmill model, and for good reason. As shown above in our Bowflex BXT216 treadmill review, there are a huge selection of pros compared to just a few minor cons for this model.

The vast majority of people will be able to benefit from this model. So, if you’re looking for a powerful and versatile treadmill, the Bowflex BXT216 is definitely one to consider. For more information on this model and to request a free quote, give a member of our team a shout. We are here to help you find the perfect price for your perfect treadmill. Why compromise? Let a member of our specialist, expert team help you today.

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