You must be wondering to read this liquid IV hydration reviews and also why they call this Liquid IV drink mix a hydration multiplier and that’s why you’ve taken to the internet out of that curiosity.

I guess your first thought on this product to be some regular energizing powder mix. Yeah, same went for me. But the idea has been changed a lot since the day I started shaking it up in my water bottle.

These days, people who care a little about their hydration are seen taking sports supplements. They claim those to be huge electrolyte boosters. But they often forget the fact that majority of these drinks are full of additional processed sugar and added preservatives (even if they disclaim!). They shouldn’t be the solution for those who suffer from long-term dehydration. And there are people who aren’t even concerned about hydration at all.Since you’ve started reading this article.

I assume you do care about your hydration and staying hydrated all day is your priority. So let’s find out if this Liquid IV Hydration Reviews is the hydration solution you’ve been looking for.

What is Liquid IV Hydration?

Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier is a blend of non-GMO electrolyte drinks with an excellent flavor that utilizes the revolutionary science of cell transport technology (CTT) ™ to provide hydration to blood flow faster and more efficiently than water alone. 1 liquid I.V. You can provide the same hydration to drink 2-3 bottles of water.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Supplement Drink Mix (Lemon Lime, 16 Count)

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Liquid I.V can provide the same amount of hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water. 3x the electrolytes, 5 essential vitamins like B6, B3, B12, B5 & Vitamin C. Utilizing Cellular Transport Technology.

The science within:

The product is a unique drink mix which is a response to the market’s lack of natural and effective rehydration solution. The Hydration supplement comes in the form of a powder that takes no time dissolving in water. CTT (Cellular Transport Technology) has been implemented on it as the company claims. They also claim to have it patented.

With the use of cane sugar, this technology helps to transport the key potassium and sodium electrolytes as it’s the most efficient delivery method. Interesting thing is, the cane sugar has no purpose with the taste. Its only purpose is to make the delivery of the electrolytes more efficient when mixed with water.

The CTT also enables water absorption in the top digestion track in its highest level and also when the certain nutrients and water contents are lost in the bloodstream.

I’d been provided with some samples of the product by the Liquid IV Company themselves. They’d sent me the limited acai edition along with the original lemon-lime edition. Here are some of my thoughts having tested them:

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It’s not surprising why taste is any consumers’ primary concern, is it? I’ve tasted similar drinks in the past and the first thing I felt concerned about is their taste. I always complain if I don’t like them. This particular drink doesn’t taste that bad at all, but it’s attained. I believe it’s the cane sugar that has to do with its taste.

Combining the powder with any potable liquid makes it taste heavy and slick. It seemed to me a lot like the gel packs found in sports outlets. The acai flavored mix, on the other hand, reminded me of M&Ms. I’d prefer the lemon-lime pack if I’m to choose between the two. The slick taste would make me feel better on hot summer days I believe. 16oz of water is required to mix as per the instruction which creates quite heavy a mix.


This unique drink mix is supposedly meant for those suffering from chronic dehydration and sports people. I found this useful for my mouth that keeps dry constantly signaling hydration issues. I’ve also observed people using this drink mix to fight hangovers after heavy binging. But I don’t think it’s meant for rescuing them.

More likely, it’s been marketed for people who want to keep balanced electrolytes in their body, not for people who want to fill up voids. It’s a harmful idea to drink water improperly while relying on this drink. And I also disbelieve those who reviewed this product as some magical panacea. People shouldn’t be encouraged to drink unsafely. A balanced practice should be everyone’s limit.


The small packs that contain this powder drink mix may remind you of those coffee packs found in hotel suites. Large size is also available for people using the product on regular basis. I highly appreciate the product’s availability in both indoors and outdoors.

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There are only two flavors available at the moment. The original lemon-lime flavor is accompanied by the limited edition acai flavor. I hope they bring in more options in the coming days. But I’d appreciate more if they can reduce the thickness of the drink when mixed with water.

I always love to stay hydrated all day and my electrolyte level is always balanced. So, it’s quite tough to say if it helped me upgrade them. But I honestly can assure you that I didn’t find any side effects.

Who needs this?

Besides helping people with hydration issues, the drink works best for the athletes or those who work out heavy every day, or people who love cycling and get drenched in sweat. Being more than just a bottle of water, it helps them to recover faster.

It’ll also come to use if you feel dehydrated after long flights. A pack is enough to help you get rid of headaches after you descend from aircraft.

But as I’ve said before, the drink has attained a reputation as a “Hangover panacea”. People take this drink after night outs in an attempt to recover alcoholic aftermaths.

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  • I liked their availability. You can use it both indoor and outdoor. Especially, they come really handy in camping’s and sports.
  • Its delivery method is quite effective. Although it thickens the water a little, the CTT is highly appreciable. The company seems quite open-minded about the elements used in this product. There’s no hiding of their source as well. It’s quite satisfying to know that I’m in taking no extra stuffs in my body.
  • The company is on a mission. With every purchase, they donate a percentage to the people of impoverished regions of the world. Since their inception in 2012, they’ve served the people of Haiti, Uganda, Puerto Rico, and many other countries. I do trust their mission. I like their approach to stretch the welfare mission along with other non-profit organizations.
  • Satisfying CTT
  • Faster delivery


  • You will be needing some time to get used to the taste.
  • The liquid is a little greasy.

Whatever pros and cons I’ve brought before you, I’ll always suggest you to consult your doctor before taking specialized drinks on regular basis. Not just this drink but every drink. Be sure if it’ll really be a useful supplement for you and also be sure of any possible risk.

Final Words:

So right now we’re at the end of the liquid iv hydration reviews, In spite of the taste issues and its attained “Hangover panacea” reputation, I do believe that the drink does well to the people who are suffering from long-term dehydration. It did help me deal with the medication issues and seemingly it’ll help others with the same effects as well.

I hope they’ll develop an array of new flavors as the company makes progress. They’ve certainly made their mark as entrepreneurs. I am surely going to recommend the drink to my friends who are wilderness enthusiasts, and the ones who love athletics, and obviously, the ones who are long-term sufferers of chronic dehydration. Go ahead and try, it won’t disappoint you!

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