While pedal exercisers these days are getting their upgrades, getting the best pedal exerciser for elderly at a pretty reasonable price out there can be tough as we’ve seen.

We actually did our research. To be honest, we were looking for features like rotational scanning features, textured pedal bars, different resistance settings, and monitors for tracking everything. Only 7 pedal exercisers met our demands. Today, we’ll be talking about these products.

So, read these reviews a bit if you want to grab your next pedal exerciser.  

5 Best Pedal Exerciser for Elderly People Comparison

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What Is Pedal Exercise Good For?

Pedal exercise is a great form of exercise that can help improve the strength of your joints and various muscles. This exercise typically targets your legs, as well as, provides a bit of cardio.

What is the benefit of this, you may ask? For the elders among us, it is important to try to stay fit and in good health. Getting the best exercise peddler for the seniors can allow them to perform the pedaling exercise, therefore, keeping their muscle and heart in check.

This is why we recommend people to get these exercisers and to invest in their health and fitness. If you want to improve the strength of your legs, improve bone strength and also increase stamina and endurance, start performing a pedal exercise today!

What Are the Benefits of a Pedal Exerciser?

Here are a few key benefits of a pedal exerciser:


Not everyone has the time to do everything separately nowadays. And honestly, they aren’t wrong either. Why allocate a separate time for work and workouts when you can just do them together?

Most jobs require you to stick to a desk 24/7 anyway. So, why not utilize that opportunity? Just stick one of these pedal exercisers under the desktop table, and bam, burn your calories away.

Achieving Fitness Goals

Many people can’t afford to look after their health properly. Because they think they need some fancy diet and gym equipment to burn their calories.

All that will seem like a joke to you once you start to use an exerciser. You’ll not even realize that you’re pedaling underneath once you’re used to it.

And by the end of the month, you’ll get astonished at the number of miles you’ve crossed. With enough perseverance, you’ll end up achieving your fitness goals as well.

Improves productivity

Our brain is a super tricky organ. But it’s possible to trick the brain itself to your advantage. And the best way to do that is to trick it into thinking that you’re being productive.

Sounds super weird, but it does work. Our brain associates high-performance levels with enhanced productivity for some reason. And that is why most people work so much faster when the deadline is right around the corner.

Anyway, the point is, when you’re continuously working out on the exerciser, your brainpower increases. It believes that you’re being super productive, so it releases those energetic chemicals to boost your performance.

As a result, you can use that extra boost to finish all those projects you’ve been dreading so far! Quite a fascinating concept, no? We thought the same too.

The 7 Best Pedal Exerciser for Seniors Reviews in 2021

While shopping for a brand new pedal exerciser, minute details like foldability, lever functionality, etc. matter a lot. Hopefully, these in-depth reviews on the best exercise peddler for the elderly can help you to understand the differences.

Vive Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

Right off the bat, we have the Magnetic Pedal Exerciser from Vive. This one’s also our best pick of the day due to its high-end portability and price range.

For seniors looking for a compact and low-impact exercise, the Vive Magnetic Pedal Exerciser is a godsend. It measures up to only about 11″ in height, making it perfect for desks and similar compact spaces.

Furthermore, the height accuracy also allows easy storage and better portability for this bad boy. It also comes with all the essential tools for easy assembly that includes a strap as well.

You can use this strap to bind the exerciser to the desk chair for added stability. There’s also a scanning function available that gives you a quick overview of the speed, time, distance, etc., while cycling.

As for the cycling itself, the adjustable toe straps can accommodate any type of shoes for better comfort. And even though it’s powered by magnetic resistance, it gives off an exceptionally quiet and smooth operation.


  • This exerciser comes in a compact size for more convenient storage
  • One-touch display allows rotational scanning function
  • Features a smooth magnetic pedal function that reduces unnecessary noise
  • Comes with textured pedal bars that increase friction and minimizes slippage
  • Illustrated set-up guide ensures easy assembly and maintenance


  • Not recommended for bare-footed pedaling
  • Treads on the pedals are a little harsh on naked skin


We recommend this exercise peddler for people looking to get the best pick outta the bunch. However, treat it gently and assemble it correctly with caution.

DeskCycle Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

If the Vive Magnetic Pedal Exerciser didn’t seem to interest you as much, you can go for the DeskCycle one instead.

Like the Vive one, the DeskCycle exerciser is also known for its patented magnetic resistance mechanism. And guess what? It’s a great ad for senior people. It’s comprised of eight different resistance levels to keep up with your challenging workouts.

And considering that most exercisers in this price range come with four or fewer levels, it’s definitely an upgrade.

So, even at the highest settings, you can experience and enjoy a healthy and smooth pedaling motion. And the five-function LCD will monitor your speed and calculate your calorie burnouts while you do that.

Plus, don’t think that this peddle exerciser can’t handle short storage spaces. It’s got a minimum height of 68.5 cm and can work with desks as low as 27 inches. It can also take up to 500 pounds, thanks to the sturdy framework & build.


  • High-end functionality improves performance and productivity
  • Utilizes patented magnetic resistance mechanism for smooth operation
  • Goes up to 8 calibrated resistance settings to increase the level of complexity
  • Comes with a five function LCD for better visualization and tracking
  • Availability of personalized online calculator for tracking calorie burnouts


  • Might come across as a little expensive for mid-income customers
  • Some customers had few personal problems with navigating the display


The DeskCycle is one of the best rated exercise peddler on the marketplace as of now. We conclude that it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Pedal Exerciser

If you’re looking for a pedal exerciser for seniors that can take care of both your legs and arms, take a look at this one instead.

The 2000M Motorized Pedal Exerciser from Exerpeutic is a great option for people with joint pain and injuries. It’s also one of our favorites for the best mini pedal exerciser on the market currently.

Furthermore, it comes with a bonus mat for extra comfort and convenience. Unlike most other exercisers, you won’t have to deal with the rough platform and pedals in this one.

And the comfort isn’t just in the placement of the mat. Each of the pedals in this exerciser has a large surface area of 12 cm. Not only that, they are foldable too for easy mounting and storage. So, moving around isn’t an issue at all.

It also has straps connected to the pedals. As a result, you don’t have to worry about slippage while pedaling i.e. working out. And since the floor mat is non-skid, stability isn’t an issue either.

As for speed control, the Exerpeutic offers you a hand-held speed controller. It comes with a 180 cm long cord so that you can adjust the speed with absolute ease.


  • Non-skid floor mat increases friction and overall stability
  • Adjoined straps keep your feet in place by preventing slippage
  • Comes with a long cord that enables easy speed adjustment
  • Auto motor stopping protocol offers protection against overload workout
  • Features motorized work power that enhances performance by a lot


  • Few customers experienced problems with properly tilting the pedals
  • Paralysis patients might need extra assistance to get things moving


The Exerpeutic 2000M is quite the therapeutic pedal exerciser that many people enjoyed. We recommend using this one with proper caution and medical advice, if possible.

YOSUDA Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

Being one of the best pedal exercisers for the money, the YOSUDA under desk pedal exerciser is one that we couldn’t leave out. It’s also a great gift for people who love to exercise while working.

The first thing you’ll notice about the YOSUDA exerciser is its super simple-looking mechanism. Like, everything is pretty easy to notice and figure out. Which is a good thing as this is exactly what senior people look for in a machine.

They don’t need any advanced features or attributes that make the exerciser overly complicated. And this device excels in that part as it gets the job done perfectly without indulging in complex mechanisms.

In addition to leg exercises, you can go for some arm exercises as well in this exerciser. It will help you to activate and increase the muscle power of your muscles. Furthermore, it will improve your blood circulation and flow as well.

Another thing we really loved about this exerciser was the super smooth and quiet operation. We must say, that was something we didn’t expect. But it turns out the YOSUDA exerciser has a premium quality Samarium cobalt magnet in it.

This magnet is the reason why it manages to remain so quiet during pedaling. It also offers stationary pedaling for people who like to keep exercising on the down-low while doing something else.

And yes, it does go up to eight resistance levels as well. So, all those passionate workout sessions you have been looking forward to? Well, you know what to do.

Don’t worry about stability issues, though. Even if you crank up to the highest settings, this exerciser won’t bulge. It’s got 4 anti-slip rubber pads just to prevent that sort of mishap.


  • Features a simplistic design for easy and profound navigation
  • High-quality cobalt magnets that prevent any noise from coming through
  • Smooth operation due to the magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Made of premium quality steel, rubber, and ABS for better stability
  • Goes up to eight resistance levels for better precision in performance


  • No definite cons for this product


We personally really loved the YOSUDA exerciser in terms of both performance and maneuverability. So, if you have a considerably high budget, we definitely suggest going for this one.

Hausse Portable Pedal Bike

The Hausse Portable Pedal Bike is another mini exerciser for seniors that you can take to any place at any time.

Like the previous exercisers, the Hausse one also offers you an arms and legs workout at the same time. Talk about multi-purpose functionalities, amirite?

So, yeah. You can use this exerciser to relieve some tension off and increase blood circulation in your body. Well, when we say body, we mean your arms and legs. The machine also keeps a daily log of calorie burnout that you can use to track your progress.

You can also slowly increase the resistance levels if you feel ready for some intense workout sessions. Just rotate the resistance knob to go to the next settings and start exercising!

However, note that the height of the desk itself cannot be any more than 47 inches. As it’s a mini pedal bike, too much space might cause it to fall out of space while working out. So, only buy if you have a compact desk and chair system.


  • This pedal exerciser is suitable for both arms and legs exercising
  • LCD comes with multiple functions and has easy to use interface
  • Maintains a record of the calorie burnouts for easy tracking
  • Comes with adjustable straps that provide enough adjustability
  • Portable handles for easy mounting and balancing


  • Only super great for weak or sickly people
  • Mediocre performance for people used to strong and aggressive workouts


We recommend gifting this product to all those senior people who love to exercise. The product will fit amongst them just perfectly.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pedal Exerciser

If you’re on the lookout for a pedal exerciser for seniors at a really affordable price, this one’s got your back.

Even though the Sunny Health & Fitness pedal exerciser is considerably cheap, it comes with a range of advanced features, which is pretty cool but not that surprising.

If you have joint pain, you should go for this exerciser as it’s a low-impact one. It helps to initiate lower body movement, i.e., leg movement without putting any pressure on joints.

It’s also got a large surface area of 7 inches for easy movement. The belt drive mechanism is a little old-fashioned, but it gets the job done. It can hold up to 220 pounds with no extra pressure.

As for material and stability, it’s made of a steel framework. And it weighs only about 19.1 pounds. So, it’s great for portability but not so much for stability.

Again, both arm and leg muscle workout is possible via this exerciser. Whenever you’re ready, just lift it to the desk level surface to work your arms instead.


  • 2-in-1 design of this product allows both upper and lower body workout
  • Super lightweight and easy to handle, carry weighing only 19.1 pounds
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance settings for enhanced workout sessions
  • Uses a 3.52 lb flywheel that offers impressively smooth operation
  • Being a battery-powered exerciser this product ensures better performance


  • Not that sturdy of a framework
  • Has some stability issues


We suggest using proper caution while setting this exerciser up. And make sure it’s stabilized properly before turning up the resistance levels.

LifePro FlexCycle Pedal Exerciser

Lastly, you can watch out for this exerciser for seniors if you want something that can hold more than 300 pounds.

The whole motto of the LifePro FlexCycle program is to flex your body and mental health. And that’s exactly what this product delivers. Their goal is to offer you an exercising session that clears your mind up from all troubles.

The FlexCycle is super easy to assemble and even more easy to set up under the desk. Moreover, this one can quickly substitute as a desk exerciser in a matter of minutes.

It can handle about 330 pounds at any given time. That makes it great for people who are not as lightweight. Elderly people may use this machine as a therapeutic and mobility exerciser.

Finally, the magnetic resistance allows it to just quietly hum away without disrupting your activities. It also comes with adjustable straps so you don’t have to worry about stability issues at all.


  • Being a sturdy exercising instrument it stays firm in place if correctly placed
  • Features portable handles that make for easy mounting and storage
  • As a bonus, it comes with a free app that lets you track your progress
  • This product is suitable for seniors who have joint and muscle pain
  • Almost zero to no sound at all while working out making it rather peaceful


  • Might come across as a bit expensive
  • App itself could use some upgrades


If you like following fitness goals and love to track them, we’d suggest the LifePro FlexCycle to you.

What to Look for Before Buying The Best Pedal Exerciser for Elderly People?

The whole point of a foot pedal exercise machine is to cater to your specific exercising needs. Comfortability, portability, and functionality – these are only three of the needs that an exerciser for seniors definitely should fulfill.

Other than these, there are some mechanical counterparts as well that play into a good build-up and performance. Let’s have a look into some of the factors that you should consider before buying a pedal exerciser for seniors.


Well, why do you think so many invest in a personal exerciser than just going to the gym or something? Precisely. They want something that they can use at all times while sitting and doing a desk job.

So, to fulfill those criteria, the best exercise peddler for seniors should come with a foldable interface for better portability. Being compact is not enough. You should be able to fold them flat or in half if you’re taking them everywhere.


Foldable properties are mainly for traveling or storage purposes. But to use the machine in day-to-day life, you should focus on the size of it.

And the size of your regularly used office or home desk as well for that matter. After all, the exercise should come in a size that suits the exercising area itself, don’t you think?

Since most under the desk spaces are pretty compact, you should look for a similar-sized exerciser. For example – our top pick of the day i.e. the Vive Magnetic Pedal Exerciser is only 11 inches in height.

Unless you live in an elf house, an exerciser that is that short in size should work under any desk you may have. So, while buying, try to find the right-sized exerciser for a compact workspace.

Lever Functionality

Levers help you to stabilize while you’re working out aggressively. And as much as we love a passionate workout, they can cause your motorized pedal exerciser to fail at times.

And that happens if you end up applying more pressure on a certain end. That’s why it’s important to keep the exerciser properly stable while pedaling.

Now, elderly people shouldn’t technically have an issue with aggressive pedaling. But even then, it’s best to remain safe than sorry. Invest in a sturdy platform that’s wide enough to handle and stabilize a strong workout.


Straps are the little bandana-like thingies that come with an exerciser. Their function is to, well, ‘strap’ the exerciser i.e. foot pedals, for better adjustability.

If you like to move around a lot while working out, you definitely need these straps. They will help the exerciser move along with you and won’t affect the performance in the process.

Again, only the best under desk pedal exerciser comes with these straps. You won’t find them in any low-budget or cheap exercisers. At least, not quality and reliable straps.

So, look for an exerciser that comes with low-hanging pedal straps. That way, your feet will not only feel secure, but you’ll also feel a lot more comfortable while exercising.

Digital Display

Another important thing to look for in a pedal exerciser is the digital display itself. While it’s pretty common for exercisers to have a display, you need to find one that actually works.

Even though that sounds a bit condescending, it’s true. The displays of cheap off-market exercisers will just simply stop working in a few days. Thus, check out the quality of the display before you buy the pedal exerciser.

Again, good exercisers nowadays come with displays with many modern functions. For instance, the DeskCycle exerciser on this list lets you directly calculate your calorie burnouts.

So, if you want such advanced features, look for them right off the bat while shopping. You’ll also end up finding a good exerciser itself in the process.

Bidirectional Pedaling

Like resistance levels, bidirectional pedaling is also important for ensuring a challenging workout. Especially, people who suffer from knee pain or joint pain, bidirectional pedaling can help to relieve some of the muscle tension.

The concept of bidirectional pedaling is quite simple. With such a feature enabled, you can pedal both forward and backward i.e., in both directions. It’s a nice way to exercise better by getting rid of the mono-directional monotony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pedal exercisers worth it?

Pedal exercisers are worth it. They are a great way to boost your performance levels and keep your weight goals in check at all times.

Are pedal exercisers good for knees?

Pedal exercisers are great for knees if you manage to work out in a non-aggressive manner. The pedaling helps to increase the blood circulation in your legs. That, by default, helps to rejuvenate the cells in your knee area.

Furthermore, it’s great for people who have had knee surgeries and replacements as well. The constant workout helps to stabilize the knees and gets them out of the paralysis state.

Do pedal exercisers really work?

Yes, pedal exercises work wonders if you are using them correctly. They help you to continue a constant workout without compromising your work life.

As for health benefits, it helps you with joint pain, obesity problems, and a lot more. They are also a viable substitute for normal jogging and running sessions at times. However, we would recommend not getting fixated on that part.

Does a pedal exerciser help lose weight?

Yes, pedal exercisers help to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. You can burn a lot of calories just by using a foot pedal exerciser.

Many exercisers come with a digital calculator that can help you to calculate calorie burnouts. You can use that data to prepare a fitness chart and then exercise regularly to lose weight.

What is the best pedal exerciser for seniors?

According to our findings, the Magnetic Pedal Exerciser from Vive is the best pedal exerciser for seniors. It’s got an easy-to-use interface with soft platforms that’s great for seniors.

It also has a premium quality digital display that’s super easy to navigate through. Again, no elderly people have to endure the mechanical noise with this exerciser. The magnetic resistance operates smoothly with no sound at all.

How long should you use a pedal exerciser for?

Technically, you can use a desk pedal exerciser for as long as you’re working. As in, for as long as you’re on your desk or the computer. That’s kind of the whole purpose of such exercisers.

However, we recommend that you don’t exercise too vigorously like this. That way, your muscles can wear out easily. Maintain a constant motion like you’re normally walking or jogging. Don’t turn up the resistance settings way too high.

How many calories do you burn on a pedal exerciser?

On average, you’ll burn about 180 to 200 calories per day on a pedal exerciser. That is if you don’t go for an aggressive workout session. We don’t really recommend going for one either.

Normal users pedal for about an hour and a half every day, according to some surveys. So, if you go beyond that and exercise longer, you can burn more calories. In fact, it can even go up to 500-600 calories a day.

Which muscles of your body are being worked out by a pedal exercise machine?

Your leg muscles are doing most of the work while working on a pedal exerciser machine. To be more specific, the hamstrings and quadriceps of your leg muscles.

In addition, the hip flexors and thigh calves are at work as well while pedaling on an exerciser. And the higher the resistance settings, the more intense the workout. But, beware. Extreme pedaling can result in muscle torsion and tearing.

Final Words

So, does choosing the best pedal exerciser for elderly to feel so daunting anymore? Well, we sure do hope not – after all that in-depth queries and clarifications!

It’s more than likely that any one of these exercises will cater to your needs perfectly. However, if we had to select one for being the best of the best, we’d go for the Vive Magnetic Pedal Exerciser!

Smooth operation, high-end functionality, and decent framework – the Vive Exerciser excelled at them all. So, if you’re in a hurry and trust us, feel free to go for it right away. Happy shopping!

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