When we were trying to find the best mini exercise bike, we had lots of options from which to choose. However, not all of them were meeting our requirements.

There were lots of mini exercise bikes, but most of them were lacking high-end features. We were looking for great magnetic resistance, a wide steel base, LCD screen, great durability, etc.

The ones that do have these features had sky-high price tags. Now, we wanted to opt for something affordable.

After a lot of research, finally, we’ve found eight mini exercise bikes that can actually fill your cup of tea. Why the standout? Well, to know more, you have to read the reviews.

Top 5 Best Mini Exercise Bike Comparison in 2021

Why a Mini Exercise Bike?

Well, there are tons of reasons for having a mini exercise bike at home. So let’s look at some of the reasons why you should have a minibike.

If you lead a mostly inactive life

Not regularly doing enough physical activity can cause several health problems, with weight gain being the least of it. But you can’t just start running a mile all of sudden. Instead, a mini-cycle would help you have some cardio at home while you are watching TV.

If you have any injuries

Having injuries might limit you from doing an intense workout. But you need to have some physical activity to stay healthy and fit. And a portable exerciser can help you achieve that.

If you don’t have enough time

Not being able to find time for physical activity is another reason why you should have a handly device. With this, you can effortlessly burn some calories while working. 

If you don’t have enough space

Don’t have enough space to fit an upright bike or treadmill at home. Well, go for a mini bike then, which easily fits under your desk and can be stored inside a cupboard.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money

A mini exercise bike is sure a cheaper workout option than other high-end devices. While it might not be equivalent to high-end ones, it surely has its perks.

What Are the Benefits of a Mini Exercise Bike?

A mini exerciser might not be equivalent to a treadmill or a full-sized paddle exerciser, but it has its perks. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages of having a mini exercise bike. 

Lifestyle Changes

A person who is used to living an indoor and inactive life can’t suddenly go out for a run or do an intense workout in a gym.

In such scenarios, a mini exercise machine can be a good alternative for doing some cardio at home while working, playing games, or watching TV.

These machines can help people make a swift shift in their lifestyle at home.

Helps in Losing Weight

Yes, these devices aid in burning calories that would surely contribute to weight loss. Although the amount of calorie burn wouldn’t be equal to that of high-end bikes or outdoor workouts, you are likely to get a similar benefit of walking every day.

For Physical Therapy

Most people want to have a portable cycling machine for therapeutic purposes. In fact, hospitals and therapy centers use these devices to help injured people to get rid of their joint or knee pains.

Also, older people with arthritis can’t use upright bikes. So, these handy machines are a great way to improve their blood circulation and strengthening muscles.

Saves Space and Time

One of the greatest advantages of these devices is that they take a very little space in your home. Most are designed to fit under desks are suitable for people living in smaller apartments where bigger bikes or treadmills are not an option.

Apart from that, mini bikes save you time! You can work out while working, saving you from scheduling going to the gym or run.

The 8 Best Mini Exercise Bike Reviews

Below are some of the premium quality mini exercise bikes to have at home or office. Read on to find the right one for you.

1. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike

The MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike is the worthiest of being at the top of the list with the widest resistance range, sturdy-built, broad base, and higher functionality.

The first thing we would like to highlight is the product’s variable magnetic resistance. The patented resistance with eight different settings lets you adjust the level anywhere from a light warm-up to an intense workout.

The step-less dial further ensures you are not limited to the eight levels only and can set any value in between.

The sturdy bike with 15 inches wide steel base weighs about 23 pounds. Now, the weight might not be among the lowest, but it helps keep the cycle stable while you paddle on high levels.

Speaking of pedals, they come with velcro straps, ensuring a tighter fit to any foot size. You can also use it as a tabletop exercise bike for upper body workouts.

The exerciser also enables you to paddle both forward and reverse without any interruption. But you might face skidding on many floor types. However, you can easily overcome that by placing a heavy cloth or mat underneath.

All these features aids in making the product a commercial-grade one, used in hospitals and recommended by many physical therapists and doctors.

And finally, it includes an LCD that shows the calories burnt, speed, and distance.

Magnetic resistanceProduces zero noises and allows for a silent workout session
Has 15 inches wide steel baseIt supports the whole body and keeps it stable to the ground while paddling
Features an LCD screenAllows you to monitor your distance, speed, and others on screen
Paddles have velcro strapsEnsures secure grip to hands and feet


  • Wide range of resistance from light to heavy workout
  • Remains stable while cycling on higher levels
  • It fits all foot sizes
  • Enables both forward and backward cycling
  • Real-time progress monitoring through the screen


  • A bit heavier to carry around
  • It might move on some surfaces

2. Ultrasport Mini Exercise Bike

Ultrasport makes the perfect mini stationary bike for people who are used to a sedentary lifestyle and spend hours playing games or watching Netflix.

Having this at home, you can easily burn some calories while you are fixated on your TV or computer.

With a resistance level ranging from mild road to mountain cycling, it should fit well for your indoor workout routine, helping you burn some calories while not completely exhausting you.

Assembling the unit is effortless as well. The lightweight and compact cycle weighs only 6kg, is portable, and can be used on tabletops for your arm workout. In addition, there’s an adjustable paddle strap to ensure it fits your hands and feet well.

Despite being very lightweight, the floor exerciser doesn’t move or slip over surfaces. And it can support up to 100 kg of user weight.

Furthermore, you can monitor your progress, calories burnt, and distance on the LCD screen. Most customers don’t seem to trust the calorie calculator, though completely.

The compact and well-built device is surely ideal for beginners or aging adults, but this is probably not the best option if you want something for a heavy-duty indoor workout.

Weighs 6 kgAllows for easy carrying around and use on tabletops
Built-in LCD screenIt helps in showing your progress in real-time
Adjustable resistance levelYou can tweak the difficulty level of your workout from mild to intense
Adjustable paddle strapsMakes sure your hands or feet don’t slip off from the paddles


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • You can monitor your progress on the screen
  • Easy and straightforward assembly
  • It fits any foot and arm sizes
  • Easy adjustments of your workout’s difficult level


  • Not suitable for intense exercise
  • The calorie calculator is not very trustworthy

3. Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser

This Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser is nothing like a fancy device but is well-built, sturdy, and most importantly, has excellent customer feedback.

The motorized mini cycle is well reputed for its ability to increase blood flow and build muscle strength of both arms and legs.

So, anyone with limited maneuverability, paralysis, chronic disease, or joint stiffness would find the device very helpful.

It works with a standard of 110/120 volts and can deliver a maximum of eight5 RPM. While it doesn’t clearly state the rpm range, you can adjust the speed with the hand controller from a comfortable low to moderate intensity.

The compact device weighs only 12.5 pounds, making it highly portable. Thanks to the built-in handles, transportation has never been easier.

Another excellent feature of the portable machine is the floor mat. Lightweight cycles tend to slide on some floor types, but the mat included with this one ensures it doesn’t skid. Still, some people complained about the cycle of moving around while paddling.

And finally, there’s an LCD to show you the speed, distance, time, and others. Although the device helps people with maneuverability problems a lot, it’s not exactly the best suited for weight loss or heavy workouts.

Weighs 6 kgAllows for easy carrying around and use on tabletops
Built-in LCD screenIt helps in showing your progress in real-time
Adjustable resistance levelYou can tweak the difficulty level of your workout from mild to intense
Adjustable paddle strapsMakes sure your hands or feet don’t slip off from the paddles


  • Improves blood flow in diseased or aging adults
  • Speed can be adjusted as desired
  • The mat prevents the machine from sliding
  • Lightweight makes carrying around effortless
  • Easy progress monitoring with the display


  • Not a very good option for high-intensity workouts or weight loss
  • Mat doesn’t prevent skidding entirely.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike is surely the best mini cycle for people with a budget. Although its reasonable price is what makes it appealing to most customers, it’s packed with all the necessary features.

Like the very first one on this list, it includes magnetic resistance with eight different levels. The perk of having magnetic resistance is that it’s very quiet, unlike the noisy air resistance.

So, you can keep silently paddling while watching TV or working at the office without disrupting anyone. And while doing so, you can monitor the speed, distance, time, and others on the LCD screen.

The 21 pounds device is pretty compact and includes a handle to carry it around easily. You can use it on the tabletop for your arm or upper body workout as well.

The adjustable knob allows you to alter the resistance level to your preferred workout intensity. And while cycling on high levels, the paddle straps make sure your foot or arm hold securely and doesn’t slip off.

We also love the fact that you can cycle it in reverse for building muscle balance. Unfortunately, not many under desk bikes enable you to do this.

While the device is indeed a mini wonder, it’s not entirely free of drawbacks. Some customers reported having issues with paddles loosening over time and the device sliding on several surfaces.

You can consider retightening the paddles as a part of its regular maintenance and use a towel or other support element to eliminate the sliding.

Weighs 21 poundsIt makes it stable yet easy to move around
Magnetic resistanceEnsures quieter operation
Eight different intensity levelsProvides a wide range of difficulty level to challenge and progress yourself
Features a handleYou can easily transport it with the handles


  • Very quiet to use at home and office
  • It lets you adjust the intensity level as you like
  • You paddle both forward and reverse
  • Lightweight and effortless to maneuver
  • Ensures a skid-free secure fit to your hand or foot


  • Requires some underneath support to prevent it from sliding
  • Paddle might loosen after years of use

5. ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser

Another quality portable exercise bike makes it to our list that gives you a comfortable workout experience while you focus on your job and don’t interrupt your co-workers with the noise.

With a magnetic resistance system and eight different difficulty settings, you can set your workout intensity level from mild to sweat cardio. Also, you get the satisfaction of real-time monitoring your distance and speed with the easy-to-read LCD.

The yellow button beneath the display lets you reset it with a long press only.

The ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser features two paddle designs, one for your arm exercise and one for leg strengthening.

While the large leg paddles with straps are designed to fit your feet at high levels securely, some customers complained about the hand paddle being too large to hold.

The compact device easily fits under your desk and the handle aids in effortless transportation. While the device’s low weight helps in making it portable, it causes the cycle to skid.

However, it has a non-slip base to minimize the problem. Apart from that, the device goes on, adding an adjustable buckle to fit your machine closer to your seat. It ensures further stability while working out.

Features- Benefits-
Eight different workout settingsGives you a wide range of workout level from warm-up to sweating workout
Two paddle designsFor fitting your arms and feet well
Adjustable buckleAllows secure positioning of the machine, closer to your chair
Non-slip BaseIt helps in preventing excessive skidding on the floor



  • Real-time tracking of your progress
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Noiseless exercise while working or watching TV
  • Secure fitting to leg and hand with straps
  • Closer and stable fitting near your chair with the buckle


  • The hand paddle is somewhat larger
  • Skids while working on higher levels

6. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

The DeskCycle 2 is an upgraded version of their previous model with some added features to give you a more comfortable exercising experience.

The first noticeable thing about the device is its low-profile design. That translates into a cycle that easily fits under a table of 27 inches only. The design also aids in making it stable and skid-free while using.

The 23-pound weight and wide rubber feet also contribute to preventing slides while working on a high level. It is much heavier than previous options, however.

Besides, most people find it exciting that they can adjust the paddle height to a maximum of 10 inches and drop it down to 9 inches.

And like mosts, it features magnetic resistance with eight difficulty levels to go from a relaxing walk-like warm-up to sweating cardio. It’s almost noiseless as well. So, you can focus on your work while burning some calories silently.

The six function LCD shows you the workout time, distance, and speed. You can also experience the back paddling for muscle toning and balancing, a feature that you don’t see often.

While the paddles with Velcro straps provide excellent fitting to feet, they are a bit large to hold with your hand for arm workouts.

Features- Benefits-
Adjustable paddlesAllows for paddle height adjustment from 9 inches to 10 inches
Weighs 23 poundsNot very light but helps in keeping it stable and skid less
Magnetic resistanceIt makes sure you don’t disturb yourself while working out
LCD displayLet’s you have your speed, calorie, distance on watch



  • It lets you adjust paddle height for comfort
  • Suitable to fit under low height desks
  • Easy tracking of your workout and calories
  • Provides a skid-free paddling experience
  • Exceptionally quiet and doesn’t interrupt your work


  • Slightly heavier and difficult to carry around
  • Paddles are somewhat large for your hands

7. GOREDI Pedal Exerciser

The GOREDI Pedal Exerciser is probably the best under desk exercise bike for older people and therapeutic patients who need muscle strengthening and increased blood flow to their arms and legs.

The low-impact mini bike exerciser comes with metal flywheels, making it sturdier and capable of bearing a maximum of 400 pounds. In addition, the compact size of 13.7 x 15.7 x 11.6 inches makes it suitable to use under desk or tabletop alike.

Yes, you can use it for both arm and leg muscle strengthening. Also, it doesn’t produce any unnecessary noise to disturb you or others while working or watching TV.

While the device seems a bit bulky, the heavier weight helps in keeping it firm and stable on the ground. And there’s a handle to help you carry it around.

The product also includes a mat to prevent its sliding while cycling on higher levels. It seems to more slightly on several floor types, though.

And speaking of levels, there aren’t any distinct divisions, but you can go from a low to high intensity with the adjustable knob. And finally, it features a five-function LCD to keep your progress in check.

Features- Benefits-
Low-impact mini cycleDesigned for older people and used in hospitals, therapy centers
It has a dimension of 13.7 x 15.7 x 11.6 inchesVery compact and easily fit under your desk
A non-skid matIt prevents the small machine from skidding
Metal flywheelsPaddling is easier and aids in the machine’s bearing capacity of about 400 pounds



  • Suitable for blood circulation improvement and muscle strengthening
  • Has the capacity to bear weight up to 400 pounds
  • Compact machine; can be used for both leg and arm workout
  • Adjustable knob to alter the intensity level
  • Enables you to exercise quietly


  • Bulky and difficult to move around
  • It tends to slip even with the mat

8. Himaly Mini Exercise Bike

The Himaly Mini Exercise Bike is the last to make our best portable exercise bike list. But don’t get mistaken by considering it to be inferior to others.

The compactly designed machine with a dimension of 16.54 x 12.6 x 7.eight7 inches is sure to fit under your office desk with ease.

The lightweight design makes it easy to store and carry as well. However, some users claimed that less weight had an impact on its stability.

Nevertheless, it features non-skid foot pads that ensure its firm position on the ground while causing no damage or scratches to your favorite hardwood floors.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your hand slipping off of the paddles as it comes with adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit for all foot sizes.

In addition, the adjustable tension knob is there to let you alter the tension according to your requirement.

So, you can enjoy a mild warm-up while reading a book or intense cardio during office breaks. You can always keep a check on your progress on the multi-function display.

And it’s absolutely noise-free. So, there’s no need to worry about disturbing the office environment.

Most customers seem to be unhappy about the poorly integrated plastic components that make it look cheap. It happens to affect the durability of the cycle as well.

Features- Benefits-
Multiple resistance levelsAllows working out at different difficulty levels
Non-slip foot padsMinimizes slipping of the device
It has a dimension of 16.54 x 12.6 x 7.87 inchesCan fit under your office and home desk easily
Multi-function screenEasy to monitor different aspects of your working out



  • Easy adjustment from mild to heavy cardio
  • Lightweight and compact machine is easy to handle and store
  • Noise-free and doesn’t disrupt your works or others
  • Sits firmly on the floor without scratching it
  • It fits all foot and arm sizes


  • The low weight makes it less stable
  • Plastic components compromise the durability of the product

What to Look for Buying the Best Mini Exercise Bike?

Portable stationary bikes are handy exercising equipment that helps you to burn calories and improve blood circulation. However, you need to consider few factors before making a purchase to make sure you get the right one for your purpose.


The very first feature most people look for is the dimension of the mini exercise bike. The device’s dimension determines whether you would be able to fit it under your desk or not.

If you intend to use it while working, make sure the height is right for accommodating it under the desk.

While most bikes are smaller in size, very few might be suitable for under desk placement. But if your desk is adjustable, then you shouldn’t bother much about the height.

Dimension also determines how much space it will take. So, if you have very little space in your apartment, it’s better to opt for a smaller, low-profile device.

However, smaller devices might be less convenient for taller peoples. So, make sure you choose one that best fits you.


Next comes the weight. Although mini exercise bikes tend to be smaller, not all of them are lightweight. And determining the right weight depends on how and where you intend to use the machine.

Less weight surely aids in portability, and if you want something to carry around to the workplace, lightweight ones are preferable.

But for home use only, a slightly heavier device should not be that much of a big deal.


Resistance is another important consideration before making a purchase. While higher resistance level surely aids in more calorie burn in less time, low levels are suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Regardless of what you are buying the machine for, make sure it has multiple levels. Having many levels would be helpful for your progression, and at least three resistance levels are recommended for a low-impact workout.

For a more rigorous workout, choose one with more levels of tension.

Apart from that, check whether the machine has a magnetic or friction resistance system.

The magnetic system uses a magnet around the flywheel that ensures a smoother and quieter operation, whereas friction resistance works with a friction pad to apply pressure on the flywheel.

And the pads tend to wear out due to constant direct friction. So, you will need to replace them once in a while.


A bike that moves a lot while paddling is surely annoying, and it might demotivate you to work out. But, as most bikes are smaller in size, they tend to move or slide a little while cycling.

And the devices include different stability equipment like a padded base or skid-resistant mat to minimize the issue.

So, while buying one, make sure it has adequate stability features to keep it fixed on the ground. You can also use the device against a wall or buy a rough mat to prevent it from skidding.

In addition, your feet or hands might slip while paddling heavily if the paddles don’t have anti-slip properties or straps.


Noise is another crucial factor, especially if you intend to use the bike while working or at the office. A noisy machine not only hampers your focus at work but disturbs your co-worker as well. So, opt for a quiet device with magnetic resistance for use at work.

Even if you work out while watching TV or reading, noise is sure to annoy you while doing so.


A digital display on the device shows you information about how long you have been working out, your speed, calories burnt, distance, and more. While you might not think of having a screen as an absolute necessity, it helps track your progress.

And a constant, real-time progress report is sure to motivate you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Mini Exercise Bike Good for Losing Weight?

Losing weight is a gradual process that requires a combination of diet and exercise. If your job demands you to be seated most of the time, you barely lose any calories.

In that case, integrating moderate under desk cycling every day while working is sure to help you lose some weight as long as you follow a diet.

Will You Get Big Muscles with a Mini Exercise Bike?

You can surely tone your leg and arm muscles with a mini exercise bike. Starting from a very sedentary life, you can observe the gradual toning of your muscle using it regularly.

However, you cannot expect to have the same result of muscle-building workouts.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Good for Cardio?

Any physical activity that increases your heart rate and breathing is regarded as cardio. The paddling of a mini bike can stimulate your heart rate as mild walking does, and the best part is that you can do that while working. So, yes, mini bikes are good for cardio.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Effective for Burning Calories?

Yes, they are. Not as much as intense workouts do, though. But the paddling motion requires energy and helps burn some calories while you are seated.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Easy on My Joints?

Yes, they are. The small devices don’t put much pressure on your joints, unlike treadmills or larger bikes. So, if you have any injuries and want to go easy on the joints, mini bikes are the way to go.

How Do You Use a Mini Exercise Bike?

You can use the device for both arm and leg exercise. For leg workouts, place it on the ground or under the desk and start paddling.

And for upper body workout, place it on a table at a comfortable height and start rotating the paddles with your hands.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Any Good?

Yes, indeed they are. While they may not be best suited for intense cardio, you get to burn some calories while working or just watching TV.

Think of it this way, when you can’t afford the time of doing outdoor exercises or space for a large treadmill, these mini cardio cycles ensure you don’t lead an utterly inactive life.

Do Mini Exercise Bikes Really Work?

A mini exercise bike can be a good companion if you want a shift from inactive to a healthy lifestyle but don’t have the time to walk or run every day.

And it helps you in several ways, from losing a few calories to making lifestyle changes. So, yes, mini exercise bikes work.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Good for Knees?

Yes, they are. If you had a knee injury or have arthritis, exercise can help you minimize the pain.

While you might not be able to go for a walk or run, a low-impact small exercise bike will improve blood circulation, strengthen the muscles, and alleviate joint pains.

Do Under Desk Bikes Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight requires you to have a balance between your calorie intake and burn. As long as you burn more calories than you take, you are sure to lose weight.

Under desk bikes help you burn calories, so, indeed, they contribute to losing weight.

Final Words

That’s a wrap-up on our best mini exercise bike list. If you are looking forward to buying one, know that there are many different options in the market. And which one you choose depends on why you need it and how you intend to use it.

For both general cardio sessions and therapeutic purposes, our top pick is the MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike.

It’s suitable for both mild to intense cardio and is used for physical therapy in hospitals as well, thanks to its wide range of resistance levels.

Or, if you want something exclusively for low-impact workout and muscle training, then there’s the Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser.