Top 8 Best Exercise Bike Under $500 In 2019

Are you looking for the best exercise bike under 500 in your home workout equipment that fits your budget, right? Congratulations! We’re glad that you’re becoming more and more conscious about your body and we’re glad all the more that you’ve landed in the right place for choosing the best exercise bikes under 500 one within your budget.

The first thing I tell you, 500 bucks is good enough a budget to get a quality indoor bike even though your local shop’s storekeeper keeps denying it.

So, let’s introduce you with some of the best indoor bikes that fit your budget while also satisfying your home exercise demands.

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Top 8 Best Exercise Bike Under 500 Comparison:


Product Name




pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

90 Pounds

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

93 Pounds

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

76 Pounds

L Now Indoor Cycling Bike

81 Pounds

JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer

98 Pounds

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

98 Pounds

Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike

63 Pounds

Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike

96 Pounds

Pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Best belt driven spin bike

Poboo is designed for indoor cycling this bike fulfill your necessity of your fitness workout. Our absolutely adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars supply a very customizable expertise for final user comfort and compatibility.

The significant duty steel frame and crank adds essential quality and sturdiness to travel the space, despite what your fitness goals

Brake and Resistance – Designed a resistance knob for simply change. simply flip the knob to adjust(increase or decrease) the intensity of your effort. By merely pressing down on a similar knob, the braking system activates quickly and safely. small flip adjustment permits swish, safe transitions to higher intensity levels.


  • Heavy duty steel materials gives cross country cycling experience
  • Good dimension is 49.2*23.6*53.1In with 28lbs flywheel
  • Multi-way handlebars and fully versatile seat with high-end density padding
  • Flywheel is easy to install breach and easy to repair usefulness is no adjustment required
  • This bike easy designed with transparent wheels


  • Everything is fine but this bike price is little bit high thats i think it is cons of this product

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike: Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

schwinn 270 recumbent bike

This reclined bike is a top product from Schwinn that comes with 29 pre-loaded workout programs. The programs include 2 fitness exercises and several others including workouts that are controlled by heart rate.

Are you a home exercise enthusiast but not much serious about outdoor biking? The question seems a bit awkward, right? If your answer is yes anyway, then this Schwinn bike may partner you pretty well on your workouts.

This reclined bike is a top product from Schwinn that comes with 29 pre-loaded workout programs. The programs include 2 fitness exercises and several others including workouts that are controlled by heart rate.

The machine’s adjustment, resistance, and 4 different profiles for users make it a grand home exercise solution. But it may not be a great addition for the advanced outdoor bikers since they want bikes with more power. The flywheel is weighed at 17lbs which is not good enough for heavy training though it’s decent for lower body toning. Now you’ve got it why I’ve asked that awkward question in the beginning.

This low-impact designed Schwinn bike is suitable for effective cardio exercises and toning the lower body. With 4 user profiles, it’s the machine a family needs. Perfect for people under 6ft.


  • With no hindrance to the chair, this easy to access recumbent bike is more ground inclined than regular upright bikes.
  • With perfect cushioning and air flow, the seat keeps you cool and comfortable
  • The lightweight bike weighs only 88lbs yet it has a capacity of 300lbs
  • The used quiet eddy current brake resistance has 25 levels
  • Four different user profiles let you and other family members different personal data
  • USB enabled fitness tracking system
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring system available
  • Acoustic sound system tunes up your workout experience
  • It comes with extras like a bottle holder, a fan, a USB port, and a tray


  • The flywheel is only 17 lbs which is not heavy enough for stronger users who want stronger resistance
  • Not suitable for tall riders
  • The manual pulse monitor sometimes stops working

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike: Best Upright Exercise Bike for Beginners

schwinn 170

If you’re looking for a quality bike within your budget that fairly meets your indoor workout demands, this Schwinn bike could be the one you may consider.

Designed for both novices and professionals, this decent bike offers you plenty of effective workouts to choose from. With 25 different resistance levels, it has more workout guidances including heart rate controlled programs, more than regular exercise bikes have.

Its preset workout programs come with an online data tracking system that helps you customize your very own fitness arrangements. With 9 heart rate programs and an online goal tracking system, its flywheel provides high-speed smooth resistance.

While giving you so many options for convenient and efficient workouts, this bike is a much cheaper choice than most other bikes in the market.


  • Lots of preset exercise programs allow effective workouts to both beginners and pro trainees
  • You can connect this bike to apps like “My Fitness Pal” or other Schwinn apps for better data tracking online
  • A USB port provides you charging option for electronic devices
  • You get a data on console that you can adjust the way you prefer
  • The seat is oversized but it's adjustable and well-cushioned to ensure proper comfort you need. It’s also exchangeable with traditional bicycle seats
  • You’ll get a wireless receiver for heart rate yet you’ll have to buy the chest straps separately
  • An integrated speaker is ready to boost the ambiance
  • No disturbing sounds will irritate you while working out thanks to its barely hearable operation system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Accessories include a water bottle holder and a built-in fan


  • Users have complained about the damages caused by its shipping. It’s recommended to buy this product from the Schwinn store
  • The sensor may show errors every once in a while

L Now Indoor Cycling Bike With Smooth Belt Driven (Model D600)

Best indoor exercise bike

This spinning bike from L-Now has attained more positive consumer reviews than any other bike of the same category in the past year. No wonder why it kept its place on the Amazon’s Choice category.

This budget L-Now D600  indoor bike brings quality along with appealing features for both novices and professionals. The belt driven mechanism is good enough to provide you with smooth, irritation-free indoor exercises. The quality friction resistance doesn’t require too much a maintenance. The cover is enough for the protection it needs. It also covers the flywheel from exorbitant sweat.

A 22lbs flywheel comes with a durable steel frame. The bike may not seem pretty heavy for the heavy users but it sure provides natural riding experience to the trainees weighed at up to 280lbs. That’s quite unique for a cheaper spin bike, isn’t it?


  • With woolen brake pad, its mechanism is belt driven hence provide smooth and quiet exercises
  • Aluminum alloy caged pedals provide slippage free comfort pedaling
  • 22 lbs flywheel is electroplated and bidirectional. It won’t rust while resisting abrasions
  • A multi-grip handlebar is offered with multiple riding postures for comprehensive workouts
  • An LCD monitor with pulse sensors allows you to track your own pulse-rate and the burnt calories along with your speed
  • Portable wheels on its base are highly stable ensuring hassle-free transportation without damaging your floor or carpet
  • A smartphone holding mount keeps boredom away while you workout. And a bottle holder keeps your beverages in place
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two-way adjustable handlebars come with four-way adjustable seats


  • The belt wears off quickly
  • Even though the belt doesn’t make sounds, the pedals make chirping sounds that you may find irritating
  • You may want to change the pedals if you’ve cycling shoes on

JOROTO X1S01 Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer -Professional & Stylish Exercise Bike

Do you want a stylish addition to your exercise equipment that improves the aesthetic value of your training environment? If yes is your answer, you may consider this impressively cool looking indoor bike that looks good wherever you place it.

The black-silver-red combo surely appeals the aesthete in you. At least it did appeal in mine. This low-cost yet quality bike has so much to offer other than just looks. Take its 35lbs flywheel for instance. It has an AV-type frame. It’s capable of supporting up to 280lbs and it’s heavy enough to please the stronger trainees who want high inertia. Moreover, it’s been built specially for trainers or professionals demanding a sturdy pedaling machine.

Even though it runs on a chain driven mechanism, the pedaling is fairly quiet and smooth. For your ease, the resistance knob comes with adjustability. The resistance hasn’t any fixed levels.

Riding this bike feels like riding the regular road bikes. It’s an ideal choice for HIIT and spinning type exercises. The smoothness, the weight capacity surely meet the family workout demands. The brand JOROTO causes recognition issues to many. But still, this low priced bike can be a decent option for your indoor workouts.


  • 35 lbs sturdy flywheel carries up to 280 lbs
  • AV-type frame is strong enough to meet the demands of heavy trainees
  • The height adjustable handlebar allows the users to pedal in their preferred posture. You can pedal in standing position as well as sitting position
  • Its floor levelers balance its weight to ensure the stability when you pedal at high intensity
  • Continuous resistance keeps up dynamism of your workout
  • The leather padded seat it comes with is easily adjustable. You can adjust it whatever position feel comfortable with. It helps you select the best position riding. And you can exchange it with wider seats as well
  • The multi-gripped handlebars have a comprehensive screen monitor in front of it. It shows the time, distance and speed of your pedaling as well as the calories you burn
  • A tray lets you keep your phone, tablets or other devices so that you never get bored
  • For moving it around easily, the bike comes with dual transportation wheels
  • Caged foot pedals never let you slip while pedaling


  • You won’t get any bottle holder. It may not be that big a deal but people demanding a bottle holder within their bike has quite become a norm
  • You can’t adjust the handlebars forwards or backward
  • And naturally, the chain driven bike does make some noises

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike: Best Budget Friendly Exercise Bike

nautilus r614 recumbent bike

This Nautilus R614 can be marked as a low-budget substitution to the Nautilus R616 that has gained quite a reputation in the market. And we’ll call it an ideal substitution for it comes with almost all the essential features its big brother has.

Apart from the 5 fewer resistance levels and 7 less preset workout programs, the R614 pretty much resembles the R616 model.

You can enjoy your workouts through different options the indoor bike comes with. A media shelf, as well as connectivity for media devices, lets you tune up your pedaling. But more importantly, you’ll get 20 resistance level to choose your preferred one. The bike has 22 preset workout programs loaded and they can be connected to various workout apps.

The programs include rolling hill simulation, riding in the park, Mount hood simulation and also challenging ones like intervals and uphill finishing. And there are also 8 programs for heart rate control, 2 fitness test, 2 custom, and a quick start program. With a DualTrack LCD screen, you can track all the activities. The high-quality bike is strong, stable and durable enough to carry up to 300lbs. Its large footrest helps balance the load of any user.

 The name Nautilus itself is enough to designate the quality of this indoor recumbent bike. They are in the fitness industry for a longer period than others and their well-built products are loved by the trainees. The R614 model meets the standard indoor bike demands and it offers good value of your money with its relatively cheap price-tag.


  • 9 profiles give all the members of your family the opportunity to exercise in their own style
  • The sturdy bike puts a smile on the faces of heavy users weighing up to 300lbs
  • 22 different workout programs
  • The handlebar grips monitor your heart rate
  • The bike is equipped with a high-inertia, perimeter weighted flywheel, which adds to the smoothness of the pedaling
  • The multimedia shelf seemed to be the coolest part for me. It’ll never let you get bored
  • The seat’s vent system is good enough to keep proper air-flow
  • A 3-spd adjustable fan keeps you cool
  • Also, you get a water bottle holder
  • And with transport wheels at the bottom, shifting the machine is pretty easy


  • The bike monitors the heart rate through its handlebars which isn’t an issue itself. But to some people using chest straps for the monitoring is more convenient which is missing in this bike
  • The well-ventilated plastic made seat didn’t seem to be a great option for most of its users. People who liked the bike only complained about the seat being less comfortable

Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike

exerpeutic recumbent bike

This nice piece of workout equipment from Exerpeutic provides you with numerous ergonomic features at a fairly cheaper price. Features like the padded seat, an adumbrated backrest, comfy elbow pads, and bigger pedals are ready to accommodate users of different kinds.

And besides physical comfort, the recumbent bike also provides virtual comfort as well. It can hold your iPad, tablets, books, magazines and more. Its Airsoft seat has a thickness of 3.5” that ensures maximum comfort.

Its ready to absorb shocks, thanks to its individual air chambers. The PVC woven seat always keeps cool. The bike comes with 8 magnetic resistance levels for multiple intensity levels. You get 6 preset workout programs to intensify your exercise through different options. The computer features include an LCD display for all the trackings and scanning programs. And 8 programmed exercises include manual, plateau, interval, climbing and hill simulations.

The bike is sturdy enough with 300lbs weight capacity. It’s ready to satisfy both beginners and professionals. The Smooth Torque driving system allows continuous pedaling motion. I believe the convenient features are good enough to provide you satisfactory workout experience. Lack of resistance levels might make your brows furrow but for the price, it’s really a great choice.


  • The 3.5” thick Air Soft seat is built with individual air chambers that never compromise with your comfort. Moreover, it absorbs shocks to keep you safe
  • Its smooth torque drive mechanism enables you to ride smoothly
  • 6 Preset workout programs are provided with time, RPM, distance, Calories Burned, Watts, and Heart Rate readouts
  • A large contoured backrest provides comfortable back support while elbow pads on the handlebars support your arms during workouts
  • This Exerpeutic 2000 has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs
  • The 8 level Magnetic Tension control system enables you to adjust the tension level according to your need
  • The transportation wheels help you easily relocate the bike


  • Fewer resistance levels (8) hardens the fine-tuning when you want to get to the desired specific challenge
  • The accuracy of heart rate monitoring may not be great since it’s done through the handlebars and not chest straps
  • You might have to struggle with the assembling

ANCHEER-B3008 Indoor Cycling Bike: Best Beginner Friendly Bike

best indoor cycling bike

If you’re on a lower budget and don’t have much space available in your home, this beginner friendly bike could be a decent choice. There are so many reasons to love this Ancheer belt driven indoor spin bike. Consider it’s flywheel for instance.

The low priced bike weighs 90 lbs with a 49 lbs flywheel that supports user weight up to 264 lbs. You even get an LCD screen. And to tell you more, this product has achieved relatively more five-star reviews than its expensive counterparts.

The non-spd pedals have one side only and it’s the toe cage. But you can always exchange them with spd pedals since the standard thread has been used in it.

It’s not quite clear if the bike supports chest straps for heart rate monitoring or not. There’s a possibility that it doesn’t. You’d better ask the company before any purchase. The seat is completely adjustable and the handlebars are adjustable vertically. They’re both good enough to accommodate people with a height of 5-6.4ft. The multiple-level friction resistance makes the bike quite challenging.

This product has so much to offer as an entry-level bike. For beginners, it’ll be a decent first purchase.


  • The belt-driven spin bike runs smoothly without any noise
  • Comfortable pedaling both forwards and backward give you the feeling of riding outdoor bikes
  • Weighing 90 lbs itself, the bike has a 49 lbs flywheel that has a 264 lbs user weight capacity
  • The assembling is pretty easy
  • Increase and decrease your bike’s resistance and get your preferred intensity with a comprehensive knob
  • Quick-stop braking enables faster start or stop operation
  • The handlebars are non-slip and fully adjustable for your comfort. And the pedals are toe-cage which ensures slippage-less riding
  • The display shows time, speed, burnt calories and related data
  • You get a bottle holder to stay hydrated while working out


  • You can adjust the handlebar only up and down
  • The seat doesn’t go back much making it difficult for taller people to align their spine properly

How to buy the best exercise bike under $500?

Before buying a product, you have to know the details on that. You can choose the best product by considering some important factors. Now I am going to provide some tips to prefer the best exercise bike here.

  • Consider the maximum capacity of handling user weight: The capacity of handling weight varies from bike to bike due to its construction. So firstly, measure your weight and then choose the appropriate bike that can handle the weight more than yours. 
  • Consider the type of brake: Having a magnetic resistance brake is the most important feature of an advanced exercise bike. The advantage of this magnetic resistance is that you can resist the brake by using magnetic fields. The system is very convenient than the old stuff. But make sure that your magnetic resistance is ECB type which stands for Eddy Current Brake. Because, it is the best type of magnetic resistance.
  • Consider the heart rate monitor: Off-course, you have to make sure that your bike offers a Heart Monitor. It is very important because you can monitor your heart rate according to the advice of your cardiac surgeon by using this great feature.
  • Consider the display: An advanced exercise bike should have a display so that you can show the information like burned calorie, time and distance on the screen.
  • Built in function: Some advanced bike has built-in-fan and speaker. Built-in-fan will help to cool you off during your exercise and you can enjoy the music by using the built-in speaker. So these two things are one of the most considerable factors.
  • The weight of bike and flywheel: The weight of flywheel is the most important thing to enjoy the stability and smoothness. So check this before buying the bike.

Final Say:

There are lots of benefits of riding bikes let it be indoor or outdoor. But people caring more about their fitness feel the urge to keep an indoor bike. They are used inside so that you can shake up your cardio no matter what the weather condition is outside. And it’s surely a stylish addition to your home exercise equipment. So, the aesthetic value must be considered before you make a purchase.

Remember, there’s always a bike available for anyone with a budget under 500 bucks. Consider the options we’ve discussed above and choose the best upright, recumbent or spin bike that suits you.

Folks, that was all. It was a hard try from my side to serve you with a list of the best exercise bike under 500. I hope it will help you and if you liked this article don’t forget to share with your friends and if you didn’t, then don’t hesitate to let me know the cause through the comment section.

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