Have you landed over here searching for Speedfil F1 Review? Then you are in the right place. Take a cup of coffee and sit tight, this article is all about what you are looking for. The Speedfil f1 bicycle Hydration water system is a progressive bike item especially layout to improve rider’s hydration and aerodynamics position at the same time. It comes with lots of unique features such as newly designed wind tunnel, outline mounted framework, peaceful wind flow around the edge while the rider is in motion.

Besides, the rider doesn’t need to press the brake, rather he can keep up a streamlined position at the same time drinking up to 1.3 liters (40 ounces) of water or any type of soft drinks. Hydration is prompt as a chomp valve and tubing store the liquid to go for whatever point it is required.

Isn’t it enough? Wait! There is more…

Let’s Start:

What is Speedfil F1?

Speedfil f1 is an aerodynamic bottle or hydration system designed by Speedfil. This hydration system is specially designed for triathletes, as it doesn’t need any hand brake pressing for drinking water.

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Why We Should Use It?

So let’s be honest, suppose you purchased a TT bicycle for the fastest experience. You crush your arms onto the air bars to limit your frontal area, you want to take all the advantage of streamlined position, thin cubes, and wonderfully formed carbon, and also the forceful paddle/riding position that lets you squeeze out each and every watt of intensity.

Besides these, you also require a good hydration & nutrition system. So the farthest thing you need to do is to break all of those high tech riding advantages each time you require water!

That is why Inviscid brought out this kind of aerodynamic bottle system for the riders. So, riders don’t need to use hands or break out from their aerodynamic position for drinking water.

Nutrition and hydration are very important for the long course or travel by bike. It requires lots of calories. So liquid drinks are must worthy element in such a situation. Moreover, carrying out of sufficient amount of drinks while cycling was an ongoing challenge, but speedfil figured out the best solution.

Item’s Details:

  • Item’s Name : Speedfil f1 Hands-Free Hydration System
  • Manufacture’s Name: Speedfil
  • Launching Year : 2018
  • Body Materials : Plastic
  • Weight : 298 Gram
  • Overall Dimension : 10 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Mounted : Frame
  • Liquid Capacity : 1.3 Liters or forty ounces

Items Included With the Package:

  • Bottle
  • Tube
  • Cage
  • Ring Cap
  • Backsplash Funnel & Gasket
  • Four Recyclable Nylon Ties
  • Bite Valve
  • Neoprene Sleeve with Stainless Steel
  • Other mounted screws & bolts

Speedfil F1 Hands-Free Frame Mounted Bicycle Hydration System

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Installation Process:

The aero bottle system is very easy to set-up. Here is the complete Installation process:

  • Starts with, cleaning & rinse the overall hydration system elements, especially places that hold the liquid.
  • Measuring the length of the drinking tube and cutting the extra parts or you can do this at step five. Now cover the tube with a neoprene sleeve.
  • After that, discard the existing bolts & water cage from the lower tube and replace with brand new & fresh f1 cage & bolts
  • Unclose the cage and adjust the f1 water bottle inside the cage. Now close the cage with thumbscrew & bolts.
  • Now measure the required size of your drink tube and cut the extra part unless you were done it at 2nd Then, adjust the tube with the f1 bottle at 45-degree angle. It makes the hydration process much comfortable.
  • Adjust bit valve at the end of the cutting part of the tube and then connect it with the f1 bottle via a grommet hole (it comes with the package).


FF (Flexible Fittings)

This drink system ensures hands-free drinking by attaching the bottles in the down tube of the bike. Moreover, you can measure the tube as your desired size and absorb the liquid without taking eyes from the street.

Besides, the f1 bottle can be flexibly fixed inside any regular bottle cage. If you don’t have any bottle cage in your cycle then don’t worries, the product also comes with a plastic bottle cage. Connect the tube with the f1 bottle through the aero bars and place the tube in your comfortable direction.

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Triangular Shape

The f1 bottle comes in a triangular classic shape which suits with any type of road or TT cycle.  It is much more effective than any other bottle or water system for bikes.

Flexible Tube Placement

Neoprene sleeve covers the whole drinking tube. It helps to move the tube on the desired position without any harsh. You can also use Zip ties for fixing the placement and size of drinking tube from mouth to bottle. As, I was lucky to set the tube behind the brake cables of my cycle, so I didn’t need zip ties. But if you need, you can use it. Very simple to apply.

If this isn’t enough, there’s more. The tube specialty ends with the adjustment of bit valve. The valve stores the liquid between the tube & bottle and prevents the liquid return back to the bottle.

Hands-free Hydration System

Speedfil F1 is a hands-free hydration system means you don’t need a hand or press the brake for nutrition. It’s the ideal model for every triathlete.  At first, I didn’t believe it but then I saw it on my trainer’s bike. It looked pretty awesome. I also did several pieces of research about the product on the internet. I got a bunch of good reviews over this product. That impresses me on writing a review about this product.

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Expensive but price worthy

This product isn’t cheap. The price range is near about 100$, but to me, it is price worthy product. Plus, you will get all in one package including, aerodynamic design bottle, plastic cage, bit valve & so on.

Easy Refilling

Other interesting highlights of the F1 incorporate rider’s capacity to refill the bottle on the motion. So you don’t need the requirement for extra jugs. And at last, the dual splash opener considers quick refills with negligible liquid sprinkling.

When I go out, it takes 5-6 hours of long rides and I feel very comfortable with my f1 bottle system. I always carry an extra bottle of drinks on my back and refill it with no stop.

Sufficient liquid storing capacity

Moreover, the bottle can hold up to 1.3 liters of liquid. It is sufficient for a long course and the main thing is the liquid never spill. If the liquid comes out of the bottle, it doesn’t return again. There is only one way road.

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  • Speedfil f1 aero bottle system contains up to 40 oz of drinks, so you don’t need to refill frequently. For instance, I don’t prefer the drinks being offered by the riding partners. So I stacked my bottle and didn’t need to re-fill for a long time. It is a very incredible product for any type of long preparing rides.
  • Moreover, refilling is so easy, just like a snap. For example, I always keep extra bottle “Gatorade” in my back for long preparing rides. So when I need to re-fill, just connect the mouth of “Gatorade” bottle with the top of the bottle & restrain it in.
  • The dual splash feature is very exclusive. It ensures that water doesn’t spill.  It’s a one way direction. That means, if the liquid goes out, it will stay in the tube, so you can take a sip any time.
  • It designs in an aerodynamic position.


  • It is a little bit expensive but priceworthy
  • The installation process is tricky, but I already explained the process in the middle of this content.
  • It weighs more than other bike water bottle systems available in the market.
  • It is tough to clean inside the bottle due to its triangular shape.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this hydration system is suitable for the road bike?

Ans: Of course, you can use it in both road bikes & TT bikes.

2. Is it just a bottle or an entire water system?

Ans: It is a package that offers the whole riding hydration system.

3. Is there any larger size available in the market especially for MTB?

Ans: With due respect, currently this is the largest size Speedfil in now offering for the customers. There is a smaller version available in the market named, f2, which contains only 20 ounces of liquid.

Bottom Line:

With everything taken into account, I profoundly suggest the Speedfil f1 for the event of your next long riding season. Though it costs more, but still you have an advantageous strategy for getting genuinely necessary calories for the long course. Folks, Times to wrap up, If you like this article about Speedfil F1 Review then please don’t forget to share with your friends.


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