Your physical health depends so much on how you with your body. Having an unfit body because of failure to undertake some essential practice is not a wise idea. One has to set aside half an hour a day for a date with a treadmill.

So what is a treadmill, and what is its use? Which is the best brand for home use? This article will take you through all the basics features and pros-cons that you need to know about the best treadmill for home under 500. I urge you to go through it and get the best information.

Top 5 Best Treadmill for Home Under 500 Comparison in 2021

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10 Best Treadmill for Home Under 500 Reviews

1. Weslo Cadence Treadmill G 5.9 -(Best Treadmill Under 500)

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This is a treadmill that is ideal for runners and those persons who want to keep their bodies fit. It is made to suit those people who want to have on in their homes. The product is designed to save space in our homes. It is made of a slim design so that it occupies minimum space in your home. I suggest that you try out this product.

This product helps to keep you fit, burn fats and cut some weight. You will see the results of its use in a short time. When doing some practice, you will be very comfortable throughout the session.

To get an accurate reading of the heart rate, place your thumb into the pulse sensor. This is built into the console of the machine. It is easy to monitor the pulse rate when you are using this machine.

The machine is programmed with up to six trainer workouts. All these workouts are intended to bring the same results at different speeds of the treadmill.

It is fitted with a comfort cell cushion which plays a critical role in preventing the joints from aching. Any impact caused by the training is cushioned by the comfort cell.

An LCD screen is fitted to the machine to help you track the results throughout the session.


  • Get an accurate reading of your pulse rate.
  • Six trainer workouts to help you get the most out of the product.


  • May be subject to stringent rule and regulation in other parts of the US.

2. Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill.

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It is built with 9 work out training programs with a different kind of intensity. Each of the 9 programs is intended to subject the body to different training conditions. My experience with this machine was a great one that I will never forget.

See all the data from the training through a large LCD screen fitted to the machine. You will monitor the speed, distance, pulse, time, and calories burnt through this screen.

It is ideal for use by any person with a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs. This means that it can be used by a majority of people comfortably.

It is fitted with handrails used to control the running speed and when to start and stop. For the pause function, you will need to press the stop function once. This will halt the movement of the belt as well as the run. All the data gathered will not be affected by the pause.

It has an easy folding mechanism. This helps in folding and unfolding safely with fewer efforts. An easy drop mechanism also backs up the system. Both mechanisms are instrumental when folding and unfolding.

To the LCD screen, you can connect some of your devices through a cable.


  • 9 work out training programs for effective training.
  • The pause mechanism allows you to take some rest without losing your critical data.


  • Those customers outside the US cannot access this product. This is because it is being sold within the US only at the moment.

3. Exerpeutic Ultra High Capacity Walk Treadmill.

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This machine has a twenty-inch wide belt. It helps in providing stability to the person using it. I have had an experience with this particular treadmill and indeed it is worth trying. It is also fitted with extra-long handles of 18 inches which are meant for safety while cruising.

It can support persons of up to 400 pounds. This means that there is almost no limitation on the persons to use it.It is an electric walking treadmill with an adjustable speed of up to four miles per hour. It is fitted with a 1.5 horsepower high-speed motor to support such power.

It has an LCD screen which is used to relay all the data about the training. Data displayed include running, the number of calories burnt, distance covered, pulse rate, and speed.

It is easy to control the machine. On the screen are buttons to start and stop. The stop button is also used for pausing the belt. Just press the stop button once and everything will come to a halt without interfering with the data. To resume, press the on button once and the belt will start moving again. Data will also start counting.


  • Adjustable speed provides one with a chance to run at different speeds.
  • It is easy to control the machine. The buttons on the screen are to be pressed to control the system.


  • The arms do not fold. This might be troublesome especially when packaging.

4. Proform Performance Treadmill 300i.

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It is fitted with a wide belt which measures about 16 inches. This is wide enough for one to run without falling off the sideways. The maximum weight with which this machine can support is 300 pounds. In most cases, many people are less than that weight, meaning that this treadmill can be used by anyone.

It has a heart rate monitor. This monitors the rate of the heartbeat throughout the process. The data from the training is displayed on an LCD screen fitted to the machine. It also measures the speed, amount of calories burnt, distance covered, and the time spent.

The system is fitted with temporary safety handles to provide enough space for training while running. With this product, space is generous.

It has a 10 mph speed control and a 2.0 combined heat and power drive system. This helps you in taking control of the machine even during challenging conditions. It has buttons that are used to control the system. These are the start and stop buttons with the functionality of the pause and resume function. My interaction with this treadmill was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to install one in their homes.


  • It has a wide belt which provides more space for training. The handles are also short for space maximization.
  • Monitor your health data through an LCD screen throughout your training session. Data does not get lost even if you pause the system.


  • It needs someone who is fast responsive especially at high speeds.

5. Xterra Fitness Folding Treadmill TR150.

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It has up to 12 preset programs that offer a variety of training needs for your workouts. These programs provide a variety with which no other treadmill offers. This makes it an ideal product which I would recommend anyone to it.

It has a large LCD screen which is used to display all the data while using the treadmill. The data displayed include the time spent, pulse rate, calories burnt, and so on.

It is easy to control the system with the buttons fitted therein. On the screen are the start and stop buttons. You can also use these buttons for pausing and resuming the session. When you pause it, data on the screen is not lost.

It has short handles and a large running surface area. This is to provide you with enough space for running without any limitations.

It has three manual incline settings that are not in other treadmills. This is used to provide a variety of training angles.

It has up to 10 mph speed levels which allow users to have varying fitness levels. This is an exposure level which I suggest that you should try and see what your treadmill offers.


  • Large running surface area for a maximum training session.
  • It is very easy to control the system. The buttons provided are easy to comprehend and it offers 4 control functions.


  • Continuous use of this product may bring about some health concerns in the future. Some of the problems include things such as birth defects, cancer, and damages to the reproductive organs.

6. Maxkare Treadmill Folding.

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It comes with a wide surface running area to provide more space to the user. Apart from that, it has short handles which ensures that it leaves a lot of space for the trainer. The belt size is 17 inches wide.

It has a large LCD screen fitted to the front of the machine, which comes with preset programs. These programs are the guide to your home training. It is easy to control the screen with a one-touch set of buttons. The common one includes the start and stop buttons. These buttons can be used to pause and resume the training session without losing the data.

It is of a foldable design. This helps in assembling the treadmill as well as for storage purposes. This means that it does not consume any space in your house when it is not in use.

It has a powerful motor that is coated with pure copper. Enjoy silent motor rotations with the use of copper to coat the engine. It also helps you increase the speed of the machine without it burning out.

The treadmill can withstand a weight of up to 220 pounds. This ideally means that anyone can use it comfortably.


  • It has a wide surface running belt to offer more running space.
  • An LCD screen displays all the data about your training.
  • It is easy to control the machine while running on it.


  • It is not suitable for a person who weighs over 220 pounds. The machine would not accommodate such a person easily.

7. Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill SF-T7515.

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Apart from the normal display, this treadmill has an integrated calculator that measures the body mass index. So when you will be seeing other data such as the pulse rate, distance covered and so on, you will be able to see your BMI displayed.It is ideal for use by any person weighing 250 pounds and below. Persons weighing above that weight have to look for an alternative type of treadmill.

It has 12 incline levels, which a quick incline button can control, and the levels begin from 0% to 12%. This offers perfect training needs through this treadmill. It makes it unique and superior to other treadmills.

The machine measures the heart pulse rate and displays the same through an LCD screen. You will be able to monitor/track the pulse rate and any significant changes throughout the session.

It is fitted with a Bluetooth device that you can use to enjoy your favorite music while training. This makes you even more relaxed and with a lot of fun.

It is easy to control. Just press the start button to run, and stop button twice to stop it. If you press the stop button once, then it will just pause without losing the data.


  • Short safety handles and wide belt offers greater running space.
  • It is easy to control. Training on this treadmill is made easy with the control functions provided.


  • Heavier members of your family might not be able to enjoy its use. Check weight limitations.

8. Merax Folding Motorized Treadmill.

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It is an ideal machine for those persons who intend to run. This is because it offers a speed of up to 10 mph. The speed levels can be increased progressively from low to high. This needs that you increase your speed of running as well.

Track all your data through a 16 inch wide LCD screen. Data projected here include the distance covered, time of running, and the pulse rate, and so on. This data is not lost when you pause the treadmill. It will resume from where it is when you resume your training as well.

The machine comes with an MP3 sensor to stream your favorite music and stay entertained throughout the session. You can also follow some of your favorite programs through the same.

It has a quiet yet powerful motor and transportation wheels. The motor does not make any noise, which means that you won’t have trouble with anyone. Your floor is protected by the use of wheels that are easy to use.

It is easy to fold and store the machine when not in use. This is a good way of saving some space in your room. It is ideal for use by persons of up to 240 pounds.


  • It has an emergency stop key which ensures that you remain safe all the time.
  • The product comes with an LCD screen to display speed which is used to track the training data.


  • In case it malfunctions, the return policy will require that you pay up to 15% fess. It then becomes more costly.

9. Weslo Cadence Folding Treadmill G 5.9i.

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It has a very wide belt and short safety arms which does not occupy a lot of running space. The belt size measures 16 inches by 50 inches. This makes it ideal for use by any person.

It is designed to save space. When not in use, it can be folded up the wall in one easy step. Just lift it and fold it towards the wall.

It can accommodate a person with a maximum weight of 275 pounds. Ideally, this means that almost everyone can use it. This is because, on average, many people measure approximately between 200 and 250 pounds.

Monitor all your data through an LCD screen fitted to the machine. It gives you the power to regulate your training needs while having the results displayed in real-time.

The machine has few but comprehensible buttons, which makes its control easy. Typical control buttons are the start and stop. Both can also be used to pause and resume the training. When you pause to take some break, the data does not get erased, and it pauses too. Everything will resume when you restart the machine.

It comes with a 1-year motor warranty and a 90 days parts and labor warranty. There is, therefore, minimum interruption.


  • It is designed for safety when using it.
  • Easy to control and to keep track of your training data.


  • It may not be able to get activated without the use of a smartphone. This might be somehow become inconvenient.

10. Goplus Folding Electric Treadmill.

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It is a folding treadmill that saves space when not in use. The procedure for folding is quite easy and it has wheels that enhance its mobility. The wheel ensures that the product is safe against the floor.

This product is unique because it is built for durability. The frame is made of solid and high-quality steel and weighs 220 Lbs. This makes it able to withstand some heavyweight when a person is training. It is very comfortable and sturdy for a great workout experience.

Experience more fantastic workout space with this treadmill. It has a wide surface belt and short safety handles. You are then guaranteed safety since you will not be at risk of falling off the machine.

It has a multifunctional LCD screen. The screen displays all the data which pertains to the training. It even performs heart test functions, something which is not familiar with other treadmills.

It is easy to control the machine during the workout. The buttons as provided are self-explanatory, with start and stop keys having dual functions. They are used to pause and resume the session.

It comes with a three-year warranty which ensures that your sessions are not interrupted by breakdowns.


  • Safety is guaranteed since you can connect it to emergency start and stop function.
  • It is easy to control with the given control buttons.


  • It is not uncommon to find a “dead” machine especially when it is being delivered after purchase. Confirm functionality at the time of receipt.

What To Check, When Shopping The Best Treadmill For Home Under 500

Before you buy a treadmill, you should ask yourself a few questions about the specifications you need. It might be impossible to find everything in one package, but at least you should get as much as possible. Some of the question to answer include:

  • The most important feature of a treadmill.
  • Whether it is a type that folds or you have some good space in your house.
  • The number of programs you need.
  • Whether you need both the incline and decline programs included.
  • The maintenance cost of a treadmill.
  • Whether you need a heart rate monitor included in the package as so on.

These questions should at least guide your decision, but these are the things to look for:

The nature of your training and speed.

In this case, you have to consider how you are planning to use the treadmill. If you are to use it in the running, you will need one with a speed of up to 10 mph. The one used to walk does not require a lot of speed. The product should be able to adjust the speed level progressively until it hits 10 mph. It should not be that type that erratically increases the speed levels.

Best Treadmill For Home Under 500

The stability of the machine.

A treadmill must be stable when you are using it. It should not shake when you are either running or walking on it. Stability is the key to safety. The handles and the frame should remain firm and stable as well. If you buy a product and find out that it is unstable, you must return it for a replacement or be repaired.

When the treadmill is at high speed, it may somehow vibrate. A good one should be able to stabilize this vibration and be stable enough.

Maximum weight rating and holding.

If you are a significant person and with enormous weight, this should be your concern area. It also determines the extent of the sturdiness of the treadmill. In this case, you will need to look at both the optimistic and realistic weight rating. A favorable weight rating is what it is indicated that the treadmill can support.

To arrive at a realistic weight rating, deduct about fifty pounds from what has been indicated. If the treadmill is said to support 400 pounds (optimistic), the realistic weight will be 350 (realistic). This might not be so close to the truth, but it is the best way to care for the treadmill.


Consider the level of warranty provided by the manufacturer. Such a warranty will always inform you about the quality of the product which you are buying. The warranty for the treadmill is not uniform. Different parts are covered for different periods.

The frame and the motor can come with a minimum of ten years or even a lifetime warranty. Electronic parts should have a minimum of 5 years warranty. Labor costs and other parts should come with a warranty of up to two years minimum.

Delivery and set-up costs.

Confirm if the purchase price includes both the delivery and set-up costs. If it does not, you will have to incur additional shipping costs and set it up. A new treadmill will require set-up, and this is likely to inflate the price even more.

It would help if you also considered how you would move the machine from where it is delivered to set it. This cost might be high too. You must have all these details in your plan so that you will be able to plan on how to get things done.

The control panel.

It should be easy to reach and control while having some  exercise  on the belt. The panel control keys must be easy to operate as well. You will not love it when you are cruising at 10 mph, and you cannot reach or control the panel. The keys contained therein are the start and stop. Others can have additional buttons which you must comprehend its uses before starting the treadmill.

This is a matter of personal safety rather than control a fast-moving belt. Get an instructor to guide you on using the control panel before using it on your own.

Best Treadmill For Home Under 500 Reviews

The speed.

What is the intended purpose of the treadmill? If you intend to be running, get one with a speed of up to 10 mph. It is usually indicated that it has a speed of 0 – 10 mph. If you intend to walk on it, you will have to look for one with slightly lower speeds. I would advise you to buy the one which is intended for running.

This is because you can still set it to slow speed, and it will still function just like the other type. It will help you also when you want to change your training needs from a slow workout to high-speed running and vice versa.


A treadmill should be able to absorb any form of  shock , even at high speed. Some of these types of machinery might not be able to run and 10 mph and still resist shock and vibration. However, the running bed should be able to absorb any form of shock whenever the foot meets the belt. I advise you to test run a product before you buy. You must be sure of what you are investing your money in so that you avoid future disappointments.


Before buying one, please think of the programs that you need it to have. It should have some basic and even programs such as the ability to link it to a website. Please buy one that can measure all your data and store it for future purposes. A heart rate monitor should be included in the package.

I suggest that you confirm the extra features which a treadmill can offer. It should not just be the regular programs, but you would appreciate additions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Θ What makes one treadmill more expensive than another?

The distinguishing factor between the costs of various treadmills is the features and programs it comes with. If you intend to buy one with advanced features, then you must be ready to spend more. Every added feature is an added cost to the buyer. Other things which bring about price differentials are the size and the strength of the motor, incline capability, and workout programs.

Θ Should I invest in a treadmill when I can just run for free in the field?

Yes, you can always run for free. Investing in a treadmill comes with several advantages. First of all, is that it encourages regular training. Unlike running in the field, it is not easy to get lazy when the treadmill is around. Secondly, you can capture the accurate data of your exercise when you use a treadmill.

The LCD screen display can relay such. You are then able to track all the important milestones in your training exercise. When you use a treadmill, you will also be protecting yourself against injuries synonymous with the field. You will avoid stepping on things such as gravel and sharp glass.

Θ If I buy a treadmill, would I need to buy special shoes to use with it?

No. You do not need to invest in any new shoes to use the treadmill. You can just put on your normal shoes and run comfortably on them. I would advise you, however, not to use the shoes with spikes on the treadmill. Try as much as possible to get the shoes with a flat surface that will not harm the treadmill’s belt.

Θ What is the recommended time to be on a treadmill on any given day?

Much of this depends on your training needs. You also need to follow your doctor’s recommendation. I would recommend that you spend between thirty minutes to one hour on a treadmill for good workout exercise.

That would be enough exercise for any given day. If you have a different kind of advice from your doctor, then his/her advice must take precedence.


Now that you have gotten all the essential information about various types of treadmills, you can choose the best. In this article, I have indicated all that you must have in your mind as you go to the market. It is essential to bear in mind that some of these products’ continuous use may be hazardous. Not all do have such a characteristic, and you should try to avoid such.

Remember to do some training regularly. It keeps the body healthy and fit. Most of the lifestyle diseases can just be avoided by the use of a treadmill regularly.

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