Do you have a problem fitting into your favorite shirts? Or is your belly fat giving you some problems? If yes, then you should start changing your lifestyle. Losing fat is a hard and overwhelming task for most people.

This is because it is almost impossible to do, and it affects your general health, thus leaving you with no choice but to start a workout. But what are some the belly fat exercise for man at home? Do you know any? If not, here in this article, we will provide you with practical home-exercises to lose belly fat.

That said, let’s have a look at these eight practical belly fat exercises for men at home.

Exercises to lose belly fat in 1 week

Learning how to lose belly fat at home involves knowing exercises to get rid of belly fat as well as minding your diet.

So, here are some of these exercises:


Crunches are one of the famous exercises when it comes to losing belly fat in men. This is because they burn more belly fats faster than any other exercises. So, if you need a daily workout routine that will help you lose belly fat in 1 week, then you should try this. Crunches are fat burning exercises that are easy to do and no need for a professional trainer.

How to do crunches -Start by lying down with your stomach facing up, then bend your knees to an angle of about 45 degrees. After that, move your hand up and place them crossed on your chest or place them behind the head. After that, start by lifting your upper torso while exhaling, and when moving back inhale to keep your lungs stable. Remember, if you are a beginner you should go for 10 crunches per set. 1 full crunch involves both lifting and lowering your upper body.

There are several types of crunches but all done in an almost similar way. The first one is regular crunches that we have already discussed then the others are:

  • Vertical Leg Crunch –Involve lying flat on the mat with your legs extended upwards towards the ceiling, or with your knees bent, and an angle of 90 degrees and then both legs or one lifted vertically to the ground. You can alternate legs when lifting and lowering or lift and lower both legs at once.
  • Reverse Crunch– Similar to regular crunch but in this one leg will be the ones moving while your upper torso lies steady on the ground.
  • Side Crunch – Similar to regular crunch but the upper torso movement will not be in a vertical direction. Instead, it will be diagonal or sideways direction.
  • Twist Crunch – Starts like regular crunches but with one leg crossed onto another. Then lift left shoulder towards the right while keeping right shoulder on the ground.

Crunches are also known as abdominal crunches and  performed in different ways.

Bicycle Abdominal Exercise

This is another essential belly exercise that will help you lose some belly fat, but you don’t need to have a bike. Start by lying flat on the floor or mat, then put your hand behind your head just like when doing crunches. After that, you can lift your legs off the ground and start moving them around as if you’re cycling. Your knees should move or bend towards and almost close to your chest in an alternating manner.

Mountain Climber Exercise

Mountain climber is a workout that you can do it with planks. This is because both plank and mountain climber exercises are almost similar.

This exercise starts by placing your body in a pushup position. Then quickly move one knee towards your jest and the return it back to the starting position. Alternate the legs and try doing it a bit faster to increase the intensity, work on your core and burn more belly fats.

Plank Exercise

This is a type of exercise that not only help you to burn belly fat but also strengthens your abdominal muscles. You can also make it more intense by doing rolling planks. Rolling blanks involves using a roller to support your legs, then pulling your body forward and then back to your original position

To do this workout, start by positioning yourself on the mat with your elbows resting on the ground. Flex your feet to lift your body and hold in that position for about 1 minute. Do it for at least 5 times to make the exercise more effective.

Leg Lifts Exercise

Leg lifts are among the most effective exercise for belly fat at home that you can do it by yourself. Doing this exercise is simple. Start by lying flat on your mat with your face up, arms straight, and your palms face down and close to your hips. Put one leg on top of the other one while ensuring that they are both straight. Then engage your core by lifting your legs as high as possible while keeping them straight. Lift and lower your legs slowly to fully engage your core, and you can repeat it 10 to 12 times.

Running or Walking Exercise

Many people underestimate the power of working or running, but you should know that walk or run can help you reduce significant amount of belly fat.  If you have a treadmill at home or you can make an outside run while at home, then you should start this exercise.

Treadmill machines are the most important exercise machines. You can easily adjust it to fit your any resistance value you like. You can also choose to run or run at a faster, mid, or slower base. Walking and running do not only help you lose belly fat but also strengthens your legs muscles as well as lower the risk of many diseases.

Jogging Exercise

If you’re not into running and weightlifting, then why don’t you try jogging. This exercise routine has proven to work when it comes to burning belly fat. So, if you are among those guys who like exercising at home, then jogging is an ideal exercise to lose belly fat. It is a useful exercise that helps you to not only burn fat but also to keep fit.

Burpee Exercise

Burpee is an explosive exercise that involves more than one exercise. You can start by going from a push-up position to jump and back to push-up in a sequential way. This exercise is scientifically proven to burn fat faster with just a 30 seconds rep.

So, start by standing straight in the right poster, then lower your body until your palms touch the mat while ensuring that your shoulders are open (not encroached). Then quickly kick your legs into push-up position and start doing a push-up. Quickly reverse the movement and jump when you reach the stand position. Remember, this is a single rep thus, it should be flowing and done as quick as possible.

Tips on how to lose belly fat at home fast

If you are planning to shade belly fats quickly, then there are things that you should consider. It’s all based on your lifestyle –what you eat, how much you eat, how long you sleep and your workout goals.

Here are the tips:

Eat healthy fats

What you ingest to your body means a lot when it comes to burning fats. This is because some foods (such as excess sugar) in your body get stored as fats. Therefore, it is crucial you avoid foods loaded with sugar, for example, fat-free foods/products from grocery stores. To enjoy the benefits of healthy fats, then you should consume foods like avocado, olive oil, eggs and fatty fish. Their benefits are; reduces inflammations, keeps you full for a longer time and doesn’t have a significant impact on fat-burning exercises.

Try Building Core Muscles

The best exercises to get rid of belly fat are the ones that work on your core. As we all know, when you exercise consistently, some of the fats in your core/belly will be replaced by muscle. Therefore, the best way to lose belly fat fast is by building your cores muscles. And all the exercise we have provided above will help you develop your core muscles.

Consume a lot of proteins

Proteins are one of the essential nutrients in the body. This is because it helps your repair torn muscles as well providing strength to your muscles. Therefore, before you start doing any of the above exercises take 12 grams of proteins before, and 70 grams per day. Since you are going to be building core muscles, then consuming enough proteins will be essential.

Consume less Alcohol

Alcohol is among one the drinks that are known to increase the number of calories quickly. This is due to the fact that it stimulates your appetite hence encouraging more sugar intake, resulting in excess belly fats. So, you should always mind the amount of Alcohol you take.

Learn to eat at home

Reducing your belly fat goes further even up to minding what you eat. Restaurants food consist of more sugar and fat than what you cook at home. Therefore, if you want to lose belly fats try healthy eating habit which involves healthy food. And the only way to achieve this is by cooking most of your meals at home.

The belly fat exercises for man at home that we have listed above will work better when you incorporate it with these tips. Each entity we have talked of in this article plays a significant role in each of the exercise to lose belly fat. All these tips will help you learn how to lose belly fat at home.