Too much without a break makes Jack a dull boy, which is the common saying that we know. That means you need to have health breaks within your routine duties, especially when at home.

The most common and easy health break to observe at home is cardio. There are several ways with which you can pass your time. Cardio exercise at home is not a complicated process, and anyone should practice it.

In this article, I am going to look at how to do it while at home. I shall also mention different ways in which you can perform it and the importance.

Finally, I will wrap it up with a summative conclusion. Read on for more information.

How to do cardio at home?

When at home, there are several ways that you can do cardio. Some of the common ones include:

  • Jumping over things such as a rope.
  • Dancing while listening to songs.
  • Jogging.
  • Running up and down the stairs.
  • Squat jumps etc.

Some of these exercises require one to be careful so that you do not hurt yourself. Running up and down the stairs, for example, can be dangerous if you miss a step.

We will look at some practical ways that you can follow to do the cardio at home.

How to do Cardio at Home

» Press-ups.

The exercise is similar to burpees. It involves lying perpendicularly to the ground, but the hand and the feet only touch the ground. When you are in a good position, you push yourself up and down, but still not allowing the rest of the body to touch the ground.

For this exercise, you do not require any specialized equipment to perform. You only need to be in your tracksuits, and you will be good to go.

The advantage of doing burpees is that you will burn a lot of calories within a short time. In only ten minutes of the exercise, you will be able to burn more than one hundred calories.

To avoid injuries, I would advise you to gradually slow and increase the speed until you reach an optimum point.

I would also recommend that you do ten minutes per session to avoid getting burnt out. It is advisable to take enough rest before beginning another session. The muscles need to relax also.

Dancing exercise

» Dancing.

You are a victim of dancing if you love music. To do this exercise, you will require to put on your favorite music and dance to it. The exercise will help in burning calories while at the same time increasing your heart rate.

Some dancing moves can help increase the pumping faster than others, and hence you should that which is best for your workout.

How to do Cardio at Home

» Jogging exercise.

Jogging is similar to exercising on a treadmill at home. You do not, therefore, need to go out and look for one to exercise.

Jogging in place at the comfort of your home will give you similar benefits as going out to a gym room. Such exercises will help to burn calories, relax the body, and increase your cardiovascular activities.

Jogging for about half an hour a session will help rid the body of fats and build up the muscles.

Squat jumps exercise

» Squat jumps.

It is another way of increasing cardiovascular activities, and you can do it alone while at home. The exercise begins by one squatting first and the jump to the highest level possible. You will, then, land back to the squatting position.

This kind of activity requires you to take a lot of care of your knees because of the high impact of landing. Beginners are mainly the most vulnerable when playing this game. Professionals do not have any problems with it because they are aware of the dangers of this exercise.

How to do Cardio at Home

» Jump rope.

Most of us did play this game since when we were kids. We might not have been aware by then that we were increasing our cardiovascular activities. You can still, as well, incorporate this in your daily exercise routine at your home.

The exercise does not require any specialized type of ropes, but you can use any simple one. You can also do the exercise anywhere at your home.

When you jump a rope for a session of twenty minutes, you will be able to burn more than 200 calories. You will also be able to burn many unnecessary fats in the body and increase the heartbeat rate.

Kickboxing exercise

» Kickboxing.

It is similar to doing karate, but kicking on soft objects such as a thick mattress or a punching bag. The exercise is excellent for increasing the heartbeat rate while working out on things such as body fats, sugars, and calories.

A single session exercise of twenty minutes will help the body burn up to two hundred calories. Kickboxing also helps one to relax, get out of aggression and stress.

When doing this activity, I would advise you to exercise some caution since you may fall and hurt yourself.

Jumping jacks exercise

» Jumping jacks.

The activity has a lot of similarities to burpees. It involves jumping over small items several times. When you carry out a twenty-minute session, you will burn about two hundred calories.

You can also combine this exercise with others, such as burpees, squat jumps, and jumping ropes. The exercise, as well, does not require you to have some unique pieces of equipment to do it. You can exercise at any point, so long as it involves jumping up and down.

Exercise enables the body to get rid of excess fats, high sugar levels, and burn calories. It also helps to increase cardiovascular activities. Therefore, the body remains fit and healthy all the time.

Jumping jacks can be a combination of several activities, and hence you will need to exercise a lot of caution so that you do not harm yourself.

A run on the stairs exercise

» A run on the stairs.

If your home has some stairs, then you are good to do some exercises on it. It involves running up and down the stairs. It helps build the strength and power in the lower body. At the same time, it increases the rate of heartbeat hence improving the flow of blood in the body.

Exercise can be risky due to the nature of the stairs. You are either likely to fall or hurt your feet. Ensure that you have the best training/workout shoes that will protect your feet at all times.

If you engage in this exercise for half an hour, you will be able to burn more than three hundred calories. Other benefits of this activity include:Strengthening the muscles.Burning excessive fats in the body.A reduction in the levels of blood sugars.

How to do Cardio at Home

» Lifting of objects.

While many people might not be aware that lifting objects is a form of exercise, it is one of the best workouts. When you are cleaning your house, the energy that you use to move the furniture and other objects help to increase cardiovascular activities.

It also strengthens the muscles and improves the flow of blood in the body.

Crabwalk exercise

» Crabwalk.

It involves walking on your hands and your feet on the ground. The method is a fun way of exercising. It helps to improve cardiovascular activities. Apart from that, it also helps to strengthen the upper arms, the back, the core, and the legs.

Doing this exercise for about ten minutes a session will help burn about one hundred calories. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels and excessive fats.


There are several ways in which you can do cardio at home. Most of them do not require you to have specialized equipment. At the same time, you can do this alone without the help of any person.

For beginners, they have to begin slow as they advance towards professional levels. Always ensure that you exercise some care as it is easy to fall and injure yourself.

Have an excellent workout session, won’t you!