For active adults, bodybuilders, and athletes, protein powder, also known as protein shakes, is one of the universal health supplements that they use more often. Apart from that, protein powder is one of the most recommended weight loss products, and most Americans commonly use it.

So I guess some of you might be asking themselves ‘what is protein powder’ and ‘what does protein powder does for your body?’ Don’t worry, sit back and relax because everything about protein powder will be revealed this article.

What is Protein Powder/Shakes?

Protein shakes are protein supplements in the form of a powder that are extracted from egg, milk (whey or casein), or plants (potatoes, peas, soybeans, rice, or hemp). The amount of protein per scoop does vary from 10 to 30 grams. They also contain other ingredients such as thickeners, artificial flavoring, added sugars, vitamins, and minerals mainly intended to improve their performance.

The variance in concentration levels of proteins per scoop is due to the different types of powders; for instance, a weight-loss shake has lees protein concentration as compared to a muscle-building one.

Types of protein powder:

There are several types of protein shakes out there. So, how many types are you familiar with?

  • Casein –This protein powder is mostly suitable for those of you undergoing muscle recovery process. This is simply because it contains glutamine, an amino acid that speeds up the recovery process.
  • Whey –This is the most popular type of protein shake that is water-soluble. It is a complete protein supplement that the body can quickly and easily absorb.
  • Soy –If you don’t consume dairy, then soy is a better choice for you. This protein shake from soy that contains all amino acids.
  • Pea –For those of you who need an alternative to soy and dairy-based protein, then Pea is a quality choice for you. It is an excellent source of arginine amino acids, and it is a plant-based protein powder.
  • Hemp –The is the best alternative for those of you with soy or dairy allergies. This type contains essential fatty acids and it is sourced from hemp seeds.

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So, what does protein powder do for your body? Let’s start by highlighting its benefits:

What Does Protein Powder Do for Your Body?

As we all know, proteins are the core necessity for a strong healthy skin, muscles, and bones. Also, protein powder is essential in the production of enzymes, hormones, among other chemicals in your body.

Therefore, here are the possible health benefits of protein powder.

Body weight control

According to a report published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, protein supplements can help any person to easily manage their weight. Protein shakes improve cardiovascular risk factors and body composition in obese and overweight patients.

How does it achieve this? It’s simple –Taking protein supplements or eating protein-rich food makes you feel fuller for longer. This helps you avoid snacking every time, thus losing weight if necessary of marinating a healthy weight. It also helps reduce cholesterol, which in turn reduces blood pressure and risk factors linked with other cardiovascular diseases.

Your body’s muscle growth

As you might have realized, most gym enthusiasts and athletes like using protein shake like a lot. Why? The reason is, most of them believe that consuming this protein supplements will help them build a stuck of muscles.

A review study published in the British Journal of sports medicine proved that there is a definite increase in muscle mass and strength in healthy adults. The basis of this research was individuals who uses protein supplements while regularly performing resistance exercises such as weight lifting. The effect of protein supplement was equal in both sexes but only differs when it comes to age.

Muscle Recovery

Just like it contributes to your muscle growth, protein supplements can as well help during muscle recovery or tissue repair process. Therefore, most athletes use protein shakes to speed up their recovery process after every muscle recovery exercises.

According to a study published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, shows how taking protein supplements improve recover and prevents muscle damage. The most common protein powders used for this kind of situation is the Casein and Whey protein powders.

Nutrients addition to your body

Last but not least, protein shakes help you add a daily recommended amount of protein nutrients to your body. For people aged 19 years and above, the recommended protein intake is 46g for women and 56 for men.

Therefore, protein shakes are a good and reliable source of protein for those of you who find it hard to meet these amounts. Protein powder is not only suitable for bodybuilders and athletes but also those people who might be dealing with chronic illness. And for athletes, the amount of protein supplement intake varies depending on the training intensity.

With all said, let’s move to the next point, and that is: When should you use them?

When should you use protein powder?

According to sports nutritionist and dietitian Barbara Lewin, an ordinary athlete may have few reasons as to why he or she should have more protein in his or her diet. Lewin currently works with various NBA, NFL, and NHL athletes, and these are his reasons when?

  • When you’re growing. Since protein is the backbone of stronger bones and muscles, therefore, a teenager always requires protein for growth and workouts.
  • When you’re set to start a program. Since the workout program will be new to you, taking protein supplements is essential to fuel muscle growth.
  • During the Injury recovery process. As stated earlier in this article, taking protein powder will speed up the rate of muscle recovery.
  • When you want to increase the rate of your workout. So if you choose to increase your workout, then your body will require more proteins to fuel it up.
  • When you chose to go vegan. Despite your reason for going vegan, you will still need needs some proteins in your body, and to solve that, you should take protein supplements.

Now you know when to take protein powder, but do you know how to use them?

How to use protein powder?

First of all, you should keep in mind that excessive intake of protein may harm your liver and kidneys and affect your body’s calcium balance and bone. Therefore, it calls for taking appropriate measures while using it.

Start by calculating your body’s ingredients needs; after that, you can now opt for a specific amount and type of protein shakes. If you are not getting enough protein through your diet, it is good to supplement with protein powder, but always with the right amount.

Note: Some protein shakes have got up to 80 g per serving; thus, this might be too much to most people. This is why you need to know how and when to use protein powder.


Overall, protein powders hold lots of benefits when taken in a considerable amount and only when needed. I am sure you are now well enlightened on what does protein powder does for your body, either when you take the recommended or excessive amounts. Take care and Thanks for your time.

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