Several persons are working hard to cut weight. Heavyweight can lead to health complications and problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and other conditions. To cut weight, people try several techniques.

Among these techniques is the spinning method. Spinning has several benefits but may also not lead to the correct results. In this article, I will put across all the information you need to know about this technique.

I will outline both the positive and negative aspects. There shall be a few FAQs and a conclusion. Please read on for more information.

Does spinning help one to reduce weight? Is it an effective method of losing weight?

Spinning is one of the best methods to lose/get rid of excess weight. The process involves riding on stationary tools such as a bike. It is similar to that of a gym, though spinning involves a lot of riding.

Spinning is efficient in getting rid of excess weight and calories. If you attend a single session class, you will be likely to lose up to 500 calories. In effect, this will help you to lose both the weight and excess fats in the body.

Spinning Weight Loss Success Stories

After how long can you notice the results from spinning?

The more you attend the sessions, the shorter time it will take to notice. However, notwithstanding the number of sessions, you should be able to notice the results in about three weeks to one month. There are those persons who are proactive, and they will see their results in about two to three weeks.

What are the signs that can tell that the spinning is affecting the body?

Some of the things that you will notice include but not limited to:

  • Increase your energy levels. Once you shed excess calories, your energy levels will increase drastically.
  • Increase in your strength. Weight suppresses energy and strength as most of it is consumed by the calories.
  • Increase in cardio endurance.
  • A notable change in both the shape of the body and the weight of an individual.
  • Improvement in blood circulation.
  • Change in breathing habits. Overweight people tend to have heavy breathing as compared to people who are light.

With some other people, the signs can appear differently, but spinning brings about change at the end of the day.

How many times should I spin in a week?

It depends on an individual. However, you will strain the body if you spin frequently. Try to do it with some bit of moderation. Three to four sessions in a week is quite okay. Do not take long breaks in between the sessions.

Fats or calories may creep in as fast as you take a break. The three to four sessions a week will help you burn up to 2’000 calories. For better results, I would advise you to do the spinning more frequently. It helps to reduce weight and to burn calories.

Is it right to spin daily?

There is no harm in spinning daily. However, you should be ready for more intense work, and it may make you weary after the session. If your legs can allow you to spin day in day out, you should consider doing so.

Daily spinning will keep your heart and body fit at all times. If you have some health complications, then you should follow your doctor’s advice. There have been cases of people losing their lives from overworking on the spinning.

How many calories will I lose if I spin for half an hour?

If you are on a spin bike, then you will lose about 260 to 270 calories in 30 minutes. However, if you join a spin class where the exercise is more intense, you will lose between 300 and 600 calories. The difference is because of the intensity of the exercise and your level of commitment. It might be hard to achieve this rate in the initial stages of the training, but it becomes easier to achieve as you go on. The level of experience also increases as you carry on with the daily activities.

Which is better between a spin bike and a treadmill?

Much depends on the age of a person. Both pieces of equipment are good for burning calories and losing weight. However, a treadmill is more suitable for elderly people or those who are recovering from an injury.

On the other hand, spin bikes are suitable for persons who wish to do the intense spinning and a regular timetable. If you are physically fit, I will recommend a spin bike to you that is more suitable for you. But if you have some health complications, I would recommend that you go for the treadmill.

Are there known spinning weight loss success stories?

Yes, there are many success stories about spinning. Many clients are happy about the process. I am going to quote a few examples in this article.

Janet, 68 years retired from work, and life became a bit boring at home. She decided to enroll in a spinning class. She became a fan and enjoyed every bit of it because everyone was friendly and ready to assist her. Her coach was also a professional, and she took her through the session. She takes 2 to three sessions a week.

Jackie, a professional hairstylist, had a road accident that put a lot of strain on her body. The nature of her work also made her experience a lot of back pains. She visited the doctor several times to cure this problem. She got a referral to spinning sessions, but she was reluctant to take up the enrollment. On enrollment, she loved every bit of it from the first day she enrolled in the classes. To her dismay, the sessions were like therapy, and the pain in her back eased out fast compared to when she was going for medications.

When Terri was about to have her wedding, she felt that her weight was in excess. She didn’t want to marry before working on her weight. She made some quick arrangements that would see her begin classes in the shortest time possible. To lose weight fast, she enrolled in an aerobics class. That enabled her to deal with the problem, and she managed to reduce from size 12 to size 8. She is now happy with the outcome and recommends anyone who wants to try it out just like he did. She loves the sessions, and she is not planning to stop it any time soon.

Jodie’s case is not different from the few success stories that I have highlighted. At some point in 2013, he had put on a massive weight. There was no way that he was going to cope with it. He had to get rid of the excess weight and fats. He enrolled in an aerobics spinning class. He had initially enrolled in many weight loss classes, such as the gym. But when he tried spinning, the results were speedy. He managed to lose about 4 stones in the five years. He recommends anyone who wants to try it out to do so.

There are more success stories from satisfied clients who took the initiative and enrolled in spinning classes. These classes are effective in dealing with weight loss and minimizing calories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How much weight can you lose spinning for a month?

Much depends on the intensity of the training. The amount of time that you spend while spinning also matters a lot. On average, one loses between 500 to 600 calories every hour of spinning. An average month has close to 30 days. If you spin 3 hours a day, then:

3 x 600 = 1’800 calories lost in a day.

1’800 x 30 = 54’000 calories in a month.

1 pound is approximately 3’500 calories. 54’000 calories translate to 15 pounds that you will lose.

So, on average, you are likely to lose up to 54’000 pounds in a month.

Is spinning good for weight loss?

Yes. Spinning is good, not only for weight loss but also for burning excess calories. It also helps to keep the body fit and healthy at all times. Spinning helps the body get rid of toxic material such as excess sugars and fats responsible for an increase in body weight and size.

How many times a week should you spin?

It is much of a personal decision. You can choose to do it daily. However, beginners should not do more than four sessions in any given week. As they continue to accumulate experience on the same, they can do the exercise more frequently. The training intensity will also determine the number of times that you should spin in any given week.


Spinning is good for cutting the weight and for keeping the body fit. If you can, you should enroll in a session. Both the spinning exercise bike and the treadmill offer the same services, but the conditions for using each might be different. Keep your weight in check by doing some daily spinning. You will love the experience!