How to Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable?

Do you usually feel sourness after a few minutes on an exercise machine? If yes, then you are wondering how I can make it more comfortable to have long successful sessions. Note that this is an issue that affects most people; most of them complain that “My exercise bike seat hurts!” And this is probably because you have wrong settings or other faults in the system. But the good thing is there are remedies to it.

So, before you start looking for a way on, how to make exercise bike seat comfortable? it is better to start by knowing why is your exercise bike seat uncomfortable. The reason is that it helps you find solutions that are specifically suited to your problem. Before we look at the measure, you can take, let us first answer the question, “why is your exercise bike seat uncomfortable.”

Why is Your Exercise Bike Seat Uncomfortable?

Remember, many reasons might be causing less comfort on your exercise bike. Therefore, you need to ask yourself what is that specific thing or things. These are some of the questions you need to address first to determine those things:

  • Is it the clothes that you are wearing?
  • Is the bike the perfect fit for you?
  • Is the seat you are using of appropriate size?
  • What is the height of the sit, and does it suit you?
  • How are you doing the exercise?
  • Are you a beginner?
how to make bike seats more comfortable

After understanding what makes you uncomfortable, whether it is one, two, or more reasons, then you can now find a solution for each.

That said, let us now, learn how to make bike seats more comfortable? The solutions for these problems include:

How to Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable?

You will get used to it.

This is a solution that mostly applies to beginners. It is important to note that it is quite normal to feel slightly sore after or on a ride if it’s your first time. This is simply because when you seat all your weight is distributed to small bones located at the bottom of your pelvis. Another thing you might start experiencing muscle pain.

This is a normal thing, too, simply because your muscles are new to straining exercises you have just imposed on them. But be sure that this kind of pains and soreness will reduce in time as long as you set other settings right.

For those who are planning to have up to 15 to 20 hours a week on an exercise bike, there are several other ways to solve the soreness problem. Tip 2 to 7 bellow are some of the ways.

Adjust your bike

Some people do complain of being uncomfortable with their bikes, but the reality is that they are in wrong settings. The main issue here is misalignment. So, do you usually check the height of the seat? Yes or No? Regardless of the answer, it is wise to do so to reduce the likelihood of getting injuries.

The simple way to check is by standing next to your bike, hold your hip bones. After that, set your seat according to that height. And if it is possible to adjust the length between seat and handlers, adjust the length by placing your elbow on the tip of the saddle and make a forearm’s distance.

Wear comfortable clothes.

The better way to avoid uncomfortable exercises caused by the kinds of clothes you wear is to wear the right type of shorts. You can go for padded cycle short, which may be strange to others, but you will get used to it in time. Some say that padded shorts give you a massage when you get off the bike. So get one for yourself.

Use padding

If you are a beginner and you need a most comfortable bike seat, then get seat pads. They will be accommodating for you as a beginner or if you have a spine or lower back injuries. The way pads work is that they slightly widen your seat while at the same time, it offers little more plushness.

comfortable exercise bike seats

These are the main reason why seat pads are more comfortable. To top it up, you can wear thicker pants, but it will get hot, be sure of that. If that doesn’t suit you, then go for a pair of leggings with an in-built chamois (a soft seat pad).

Pick the appropriate seat size

To avoid getting tired faster or being uncomfortable with your seat, then choose the right size. Simple as that. Most people do choose small size seats. The reason behind this is that small seats offer more comfort when spinning while on your workout due to a small surface area. Bigger seats cause lots of friction while pedaling. This will cause you to swipe from side to side while pedaling, thus making you get exhausted faster than you should by draining your energy.

Therefore, before you buy any exercise bike, be sure that you have selected the appropriate seat size, otherwise it will strain you.

Smear chamois creams on your seat

Why apply chamois cream on your seat? If you do get uncomfortable due to friction on your seat, then this is an ideal way to solve that. As you know, friction damages both your body and the saddle. Therefore, it is better to avoid it by applying creams such as chamois or Vaseline on the seat. Friction might also affect your morale of doing exercise since it hurts.

Get a Gel Seat Cover

One of the most annoying things when it comes to exercise bikes is the seat itself. Not only does it cause friction, but it also causes pain when you sit on it for long hours. This is because they are hard. So to avoid this problem, you should get a gel seat cover since they create that more soft environment.

Final Words

Overall, the most important thing for people using machines is to feel comfortable exercise bike seats. There are various ways to avoid that; all you have to do is that you determine what causes discomfort. Therefore, if you are using an exercise bike, you need to check on the above ways to reduce discomfort.

Remember that you aim to gate optimum results, and that means taking more time on your exercise bike. So it is essential you ensure your comfort for long hours, which rewards you with optimum results.

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