There are various methods of doing cardio exercise using different equipment, exercise bike is one of them. Now you may have a question in your mind “Are exercise bikes good cardio?” well we will discuss especially about this in this article.

Cardio Exercise which is also known as Aerobic exercise. During cardio exercise you move your legs, arms hips and other large muscles repeatedly. Doing this exercise you breathe faster, rate of your heart beat increases along with blood circulation. As a result oxygen in your blood increases. For Your Fitness plan you should never left cardio exercise.

If you make the proper use of an exercise bike, pedal rapidly with great resistance level you will have the best output of an exercise bike for Cardio Exercise. For increasing your cardio Fitness earnestness and regularity is a must which will make a great improvement.

Those who are inactive for a long time from exercise, who have balance problem or Older person exercise bike is a very good option for them. If you have back or joint pain there is no doubt it will help you.

Better than Other Equipment:

Many Researchers, Doctors and fitness experts said that Exercise bike are the most effective and best cardio machine in a gym. They also mentioned that if you make proper use of any cardio exercise machine will give you a good result, among them exercise bikes are most effective.

Keeping in mind different criteria they ran a test for cardio machines and gave number out of hundred, where lowest scorer won. Among the machines lowest score got the stationary bike because pedal resistance was low and boredom level was high. It’s score was not far behind than other machines.


Treadmills: 88

Elliptical Machines: 80

Rowing machines:  78

Stair climbers: 79

Stationary bikes:  75


There are many advantages of having an exercise bike at home. You can use it while watching TV. You can do exercise using it at daylight or at night, in winter or summer also in rainy weather. To burn fat stores and calories it’s the best choice. It’s a great oxygen booster in your body.  Those who are new to exercise, stationary bikes are excellent option for them.

When you have done enough cardio exercise and use your total cardio capacity to climbing up stairs to the high and fell out of breath. You will face no difficulties only because your cardio capacity is good. Fat loss is not only the reason of cardio exercise, there are wide range of health improvement you receive from regular cardio exercise using exercise bikes.

Some Other Benefits:

  • Your Heart and muscle got stronger
  • Calories are burnt
  • Metabolism are increased
  • Hormonal profiles are increased
  • Recovery ability are increased
  • Good for breathing capacity and lungs
  • Your legs got stronger and gain muscles
  • Appetite are controlled by cardio exercise
  • Endorphins are released by which your mood is boosted up
  • You can enjoy a better sleep at night
  • Stiffness of joint and arthritis pain is reduced
  • Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure is prevented
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes is reduced also
  • Lowers you cholesterol
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are prohibited

Your age doesn’t matter at all, cardio exercise using exercise bike will increase your endurance and stamina and will help you in your daily works. For you physical and psychological betterment cardio exercise is very important, sports and exercise helps us to feel positive and good. One could easily consider that, by releasing happy hormones our body thanks us every time we do exercise. Do you still have a question in your mind – Are exercise bikes good cardio?

Frequency and Intensity:

To have the best cardio exercise workout result choose a bike which have adjustable resistance levels. Spend about 2 and half hours in a week or vigorous activity of 1 and half hour which start with a warm up of 5 minutes and make sure you do exercise using stationary bike daily. Many experts said that to maximize the cardio workout result the best way is interval training.

For Instance, Followed by 1 Minute interval do cycling for 2 or 3 minutes as fast as you can and repeat this. Increase your cycling time day by day. As your fitness level increases work up to twenty to thirty minutes intervals. Keep one thing in your mind that Exercise bikes are always good for cardio.

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To minimize the shoulder, groin or back pain correctly set the seat and the handlebars. For the pedaling stroke you should set your exercise bike seat in such a way that it is high enough and maintain a level with the floor so your knees bend at the bottom.

Set the seat so that when you pedal your bottom do not rubble back or come forward. Alternate your biking exercise with load bearing exercise such as running or climbing if you have a cartilage closeness loss risk.

Finally choose you exercise bike according to your capacity to avoid injuries which may lead to pendants or tendonitis. Start gently if you are a beginner.

As a beginner do cycling for 10 -15 Minutes in the morning and 10-15 minutes in the evening followed by 1 minute interval as mentioned above. On each session increase the pace rate and add few minutes day by day.

Also give priority to jogging, elliptical training, hiking, rowing or other activities which will increase your heart rate and breathing.

Final Words

As a part of your exercise routine make the proper use of an exercise bike to ensure a fit body. You get healthier when you are physically fit. At each session stretch your chest, lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.

To return your muscles and heart rate to normal these after workout stretch will help you. Moderate activity may cause you feel like you are working or breathe faster.  If you face any irregular pain or distressing symptoms while you exercise, stop instantly and consult with a doctor.