Many people like spinning, but how many of them know how to spin correctly?And do they even know how to adjust spin bike to the correct settings? The answer to this is probably “no.””This is because a small percentage of all bike users actually know how to fit a bike correctly.

This is, according to Charlee Atkins, who is a Soul Cycle instructor. He also says that it is essential to know how to set up your bike because a correct setup comes with many benefits. Besides efficient and powerful exercises you will gain from proper adjustment, you will also minimize injury occurrence.

So, to give yourself the ultimate boost by riding a spin bike, you should learn these tips on how to properly adjust the spin bike.

Tips on how to properly adjust the spin bike

Cycling is a fantastic way of exercising; it helps us keep fit and boost our overall health. But if we fail to get that perfect positioning, we will not only be wasting time but also exposing our bodies to injuries. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to spinning, you need to learn how to set up your spin bike.Therefore, to help you get the setup combination right for your bike, we give you these tips.

Adjust the seat height using your hip bone as a reference height

The first step is checking whether your seat is on a correct height. How to set it is quite easy process. Start by standing next to the bike’s seat, look for where your heap bone juts out, then adjust the seat so that the top aligns with the bone. This should be your starting place. But remember, when adjusting it that this is not a fixed height, you can still adjust to fit other settings.

how to adjust spin bike

Hop on the bike and check how much your knees bend while on a down pedal

This setting aims to prevent your knees from bending too much or full straightening. According to professional instructors, they recommended a bend of somewhere between 5 and 35 degrees. Different instructors come with different figures, but they should between that range. So, if your knee bend is not within that range, you can get off the bike and slightly adjust the height.

Check and see if your feet and knees are aligned properly

Hop on the spin bike again and put your hands on the handles, then make half-pedal so that both your feet are the same distance from the ground. When you’re in this position, check the leg in front pedal and see if the tip of your knee and feet are aligned. If your feet seem to be too far behind, get off the bike, then move the seat slightly backward. But if it appears to be a bit far in front, move the seat a bit forward.

Set or measure the handlebar distance

The other step that I usually do before I hop onto a spine bike is to check the distance between the handles and seat. This is important because it will help you get the right posture, thus not leaning too much on the handles. According to professionals, the appropriate distance (between seat and handles) should be equal to the size of your forearm.

Therefore, to set that distance you have to use your forearm and measure then adjust the spin bike to the right settings. You can later change the length from there by either (+) or (–) two numbers.

Check your body posture

Finally, when you complete  making sure that other settings are okay, you can then hop in the bike and ensure you maintain these postures:

  • Maintain a straight back throughout your workout to avoid back pain or injuries as well as work on your core.
  • Ensure that your elbows are slightly bend not straightened or too bended. This will help you avoid straining your elbow joints since you will lay much weight on them. It will also help you to work on some muscles in your arm and shoulder slightly.
  • The other thing is dropping your shoulders away from your ears, thus helping you open up your chest.
  • And when opening up your chest, ensure that you squeeze shoulder blades together.

To ensure you maintain all these postures, you will have to engage the core as the lock.

how to fit a spin bike

So, you’re done with adjusting your spin bike, and you will like to get on it and start your workout, but is that all you need to know? Not exactly. There are other essential tips that can help you generate more power and improve your workout. As long as you follow the above five tips, then these extra tips will be of great importance when it comes to flavoring your exercise routine.

Resistance Control

With the other five tips being constant, the effectiveness of your exercise will rely on workout intensity.And to improve your workout intensity, you will need to increase resistance.  This is where resistance control comes in. So, in every spinning bike, there is a resistance knob located under the handlebar. You can increase or decrease resistance by turning the knob in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, respectively. And if you want to bring the flywheel to a stop, press it down.

Pedal Stroke

While pedaling a spin bike, you are creating a continuous non-impact pedaling drive. This means that you are applying force throughout the pedaling motion you make. Therefore, this technique helps in generating power that ends up improving your muscle fitness. And since every stroke has an impact on your muscles, you should always set the appropriate resistance that is sustainable.


Now you know how to adjust spin bikes; you should always keep in mind the sustainability of your workout. Setting up higher resistance is similar to setting up lower resistance, but only it may lead to injury. As a result, it is better to have a medium resistance that will be effective and safe.If you are a beginner, start with lower resistance as you slowly advance.